So this is Ghenna.

Why am I blogging at 1:30 in the morning?

Well, I blame this:


It’s burning pile of mulch just outside of San Antonio. Really spectacular. And it’s throwing some really nasty cedar smoke into the air. Not that I mind the smell of burning wood, mind you – it’s just that I seem to be deathly allergic to this stuff. And all my favorite bike rides go fairly close to this damn thing. Ghaaah. I’ve spent most of the day in various stages of Benadryl-fueled delirium, and the drugs seem to have worn off now, leaving me wide awake with itchy eyes and a congested chest. This sucks out loud.

However, it’s very conducive to Witching Hour knitting, as evidenced by the current hot laciness adorning my coffee table.


Is it not shawl-like? I ripped that puppy back to fix the aforementioned problem (I’d picked up stitches on the wrong side of the edging) and never looked back.

I spent most of Sunday working on it, and I’m slipping into that weird space-time-yarn continuum thingy where the more knitting you do, the easier it is to get more knitting done – you know, where taking a break from knitting on a big project like a sweater or a shawl in order to whip out a sock just doesn’t feel like that big a thing? Yarnspace. Or Yarntime. Something like that. Anyway, whilst browsing the sock yarns at Yarnivore, three balls of Plymouth Sockotta jumped out at me. They wrestled me to the ground and started yelling “We will not let thee go, except thou knit socks with us!”

What’cha gonna do? I bought them, they quieted down, and I’m working out a pattern for Redshift/Blueshift socks. (I’ve been listening to a lot of Splashdown lately.) Hopefully they will not suck.

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  1. Jess, of the Bugs Says:

    Why is there a huge pile of burning mulch?

    Around here, it usually means another subdivision or strip mall going up. They pile up the trees and set fire to them because it’s the cheapest way to dispose of them. I’m a tree-hugging pagan sort of libertarian gal, so I get really cheesed off whenever I see a great pile of trees burning to make way for cookie-cutter houses.

    Perhaps this is not the case here. At any rate, it sucks that the smoke is bothering you.

    Hey, look! Kilted man make purdy lace.

  2. julia fc Says:

    Is is christmas trees or something? Is it intentional? Man.
    But the shawl is looking lovely. I do love Mountain Colors.

  3. Stephieface Says:

    It makes me think of drives down Pennsylvania’s turnpike on Tuesdays… why does it have to be specifically Tuesdays? Apparently, Tuesday is trash burning day along the turnpike, so as you drive you are greeted by the hefty aroma of flaming garbage. Mmmmmmmmmm

    Oooo I like Julia’s suggestion that its Christmas Trees, I’ve always wondered what happens to them after they leave the neighbor’s curb.

    How’s the facial growth? Not that I’m asking for a picture or anything, though that would behelpful… you know… to um…. uh…. soothe our concern for you… yeah… that’s it. 😉

  4. jfarrimo Says:

    If you need alternative rides, I have plenty to share.

  5. janna Says:

    Yeah, I can’t smell it from my house, but I don’t have to go far to be in the smoke. It was really bad last night when I went to the grocery store and Target….

    (And, no, it’s not Christmas trees. It’s on some guy’s private property, and although it’s called a mulch pile, it sounds like it’s full of boards, etc., left over from building.)

  6. janna Says:

    Oh, and the shawl is lovely!

  7. Susan Says:

    The burning mulch is killing me, too. It’s stinky and my eyes are just burning! The city has hired a team that normally fights oil fires to come put this freakin mulch fire out.

    I love the shawl! You should knit stoned more often.

  8. greta Says:

    Oh it IS ever so shawl like!
    Quite lovely…I am relieved to see you actuall did
    Nasty, nasty burning stuff….ick.
    Feel better soon!

  9. Sharah Says:

    You know who SPLASHDOWN is!!! YEA!!! Did you know that Melissa Kaplan worked (is working) on a new project? It is Universal Hall Pass, the first cd came out last year around Christmastime… my sister bought it for me :)
    I hope that you will show us your Redshift/Blueshift socks and share the pattern… that is a great way to pay tribute to a much loved band!

  10. pippy Says:

    Oooh! Fire is cool. Hehheh hehheh.
    One of the reasons I like Northwest Indiana so much is there are these beautiful oil refineries with these flaming chimneys. But it doesn’t make me allergic, or I might feel differently.
    The shawl is looking lovely.
    Rock on.