New Concept: Shifty Socks

So this is what I’m working on besides the shawl: Shifty Socks. No pics yet, because the socks are so far only a twinkle in my eye and a few dozen stitches on my needles, but the concept is that they’re going to demonstrate blue shift and red shift.

I have three balls of Plymouth Sockotta in black, red and blue. The socks are worked from the toe up in solid blue. Once the toe is complete, there will be increasingly wide bands of black until the entire body of the foot is black. The heel turn is going to be worked in both red and black for a reinforced heel and some color balance. The ankle is going to have the same fading striping as the toe, but in reverse and leaving the calf in solid red.

And tomorrow, I’m starting my spindling class at Yarnivore. The lovely and talented Susan already showed me the basics, but I haven’t practiced at all and I felt like supporting the new LYS. More pics of shawls, socks, and nightmarishly deformed yarn soon.

No Responses to “New Concept: Shifty Socks”

  1. Susan Says:

    Lovely and talented, huh? You must have met my twin.

  2. Wendy Says:

    Excuse me? Nightmarishly deformed yarn? I don’t think that’s on the lesson plan.

    Now, if you’re talking about expensive thick and thin, over- and under-twisted, DESIGNER yarn, well, that’ll be covered.

  3. Suzy Says:

    I have been told by veteran spinners that you should enjoy the “newbie” spun yarn as once you learn how to spin well, you won’t be able to do it. People pay big bucks for the “deformed yarn.” The class is great, Wendy is a super teacher and I am going to start spinning again soon. Probably after the Master’s is finished (Feb. ish) and I have a life after work again!