A slight modification

Very quick knitting news and then some information about my photos follows.

The shawl that I’ve been knitting is a birthday present for my mother. I’ve shown it to her and told her it’s for her, and there is no way on Zeus’ green earth that that sucker’s going to be ready on time. So be it. But it *will* be ready for her trip to Mexico in a few weeks, because a hand-knit shawl from your son is *the* fashion accessory this year. At least, that’s what I’m telling myself.

I am also making agonizingly slow progress on the Shifty Socks. Pictures will be made available once I start doing the color changes.

And speaking of pictures, I got a lot of really nice comments and e-mails on the pictures I linked to in my last post. So much so that I got to thinking about the licensing I’m using on Flickr. You see, Flickr takes photographers’ rights very seriously, and by default, the pictures you upload to Flickr are copyrighted by you, all rights reserved. That’s very cool of them, but they took it a step further and made it easy for photographers to choose Creative Commons licenses for their photos.

Creative Commons
is a godsend in the digital age. In a world where everyone is a publisher, everyone can take advantage of copyright protections. CC is a group that has tried to address this issue by creating some very simple licenses that anyone can apply to their digital creations – photos, blogs, MP3 recordings, what have you.

In my case, I am willing to let other people use my photos to create new works, just so long as they abide by two rules: one, that they credit me, and two, that they agree to let other people in turn create new things using the works that they’ve created with my works. And there’s a CC license for that! Which all my photos on Flickr are now licensed under.

So please, visit my Flickr page and download a huge passel of photos. Cut them up, re-arrange them, superimpose the Yarn Harlot’s face on them and sell them as fridge magnets. Just credit me with the original photos and agree to let other people do the same with your fridge magnets. There’s a motto in open source software that I think works very well for creative industries everywhere: give a little, take a lot.

Please, take as much as you want from me. Just give a little back. It’ll make a very cool world, trust me.

No Responses to “A slight modification”

  1. Carrie Says:

    LMAO @ fridge magnets!

  2. Stephieface Says:

    I just like that he gave us permission to take as much from him as we want….

    Remember you said that David! No complaining about the lineup of knitters stalking you outside of your home.

  3. heatherly Says:

    that wicked tree picture you took, with hanks of yarn hanging in it. :-) if i could photo shop things…i would :-)

  4. Plum Texan Says:

    I’m with Stephieface. :)

    While I haven’t taken anything yet, I did dig in and discover your Utilikilts-at-Scarby set! I’m an annual patron. If you’ll be there again this year, I’ll drag the hub in and ask you to convince him he should buy one (because he’s not listening to me)…

  5. Rachel Says:

    ooh, i can’t wait to get that spooky tree in my hot little hands…

  6. Jayme Says:

    I’ve always loved that philosophy of sharing. GNU calls it “copyleft”. Thanks for sharing!

  7. carrie Says:

    Excellent! thank you for sharing and letting us know about the copyrights that are available. Does this mean you won’t be mailing me the pics, though? Cuz I was totally going to pay you for them! =)