No pattern needed

This story starts the same way so many do:

“So there’s this bathroom stall at work . . . ”

So, there’s this bathroom stall at work. It’s got a little bit of a gap problem. There’s about an inch and a half of space between the front panel of the stall and the wall, and this stall is located right next to the door of the bathroom. So there’s a bit of a privacy issue. Not a huge one, mind you, just a bit. Enough of a bit that every day, someone will drape a strip of toilet paper in the gap to prevent the possibility of career-ending humiliation caused by accidental eye contact.

The toilet paper bugged me. It just didn’t look nice – is there anything that is really aesthetically enhanced by having a strip of toilet paper added to it? So I took some spare yarn and made a privacy curtain for the gap.

Privacy Curtain

Privacy Curtain 2

I don’t know why, but this just cracks me up. Totally mindless knitting – about a meter of garter stitch that I left the ends long on and grafted in place around the supports of the stall. I laugh every time I look at it.

No Responses to “No pattern needed”

  1. sandy Says:

    YOU are brilliant.

  2. Carrie Says:


  3. Amanda Says:

    I look at life the same way! The gap issue drives me crazy, too. I have a hard enough time using bathrooms with “stalls”…. ugh.

    I’ve enjoyed lurking around your site, very enjoyable!


  4. Suzy Says:

    What will you think of next?! 😉

  5. Michelle Says:

    OK, the story itself is funny. I can imagine being someone who walks in to use the facilities one day, looking at the knitted good, and wondering, “Hey, where’d this come from? Where’d the TP go?”

    You work in a scary place.

  6. Marianne Says:

    oh wow…that is so funny but how resourceful you are…all set for promotion??

  7. michelle Says:

    I would have thought it a job for duct tape. I guess your solutions is more attractive.

  8. Juno Says:

    You have an interesting mind.

  9. Rae Says:

    Brilliant Solution, though I think you maybe the first man in history to knit a privacy strip for a bathroom!

  10. Carolyn Says:

    [I apologize in advance for the caps, but…]



  11. Lee Ann Says:

    For a brief moment, I thought you were going to knit blinders for everyone in the office. I’m relieved to know you took the (relatively) sane route.

  12. LisaK Says:

    Too cool!!

  13. Kim Says:

    Wow, it belongs in one of those galleries of knitting found in unexpected places, like the tree sweater, or the antenna cozies.

  14. Wendy Says:

    I agree with Sandy. You are freakin’ brilliant!

    Oh, and you can spray it weekly with one of those fabric de-germ-er things.

    Like my advanced vocabulary?

  15. Kim Says:

    The fact that the story started with “so, there’s this stall at work…” had me cracking up from the beginning. I’ve had many stories that started the same way! Love the privacy curtain!

  16. Ed Says:

    That’s tocool. I need to make a concious effort to go to your part of the building just to see that.

  17. pippy Says:

    Omg, that is hilarious! I love it.

  18. knitonetx Says:

    What an idea! We have a travel trailer and when I close off the bedroom/bathroom door, there’s a gap. I’ve been trying to come up with a fix that can be removed when I open the door to the bedroom. This is a great fix. thanks.

  19. Carol Says:

    Very funny! And useful too. Not often the 2 go together.

  20. TheAmpuT Says:

    You totally crack me up.

  21. marnie Says:

    Bro, you are a total hoot. That trumps the time I knitted a chair seat for the boys’ playroom.

    Any time you want a job in avionics, just let me know.

  22. heather Says:

    What a great idea! I am sure all of the boys appreciate it!

  23. julia fc Says:

    Ha! ingenious. It reminds me of those knitting grafitti things I see in the magazines (but never in person . . yet).
    I know Kim of Wiseneedle once knit socks for the company logo in the lobby because she couldn’t bear the unclothed phallic quality of it all. It was on her blog, long ago.