Next up: Cosmological Constant Socks

The first shifty sock is done! FINALLY! Geez, the ends I had to weave in . . .


It took me waaaay too long, but the pattern came out exactly like I wanted. I’ll post a full pattern soon.

No Responses to “Next up: Cosmological Constant Socks”

  1. Aarlene Says:

    That looks pretty dang nice. Lots of ends?

  2. Michelle Says:


    Putting those ends away just sucks. Too bad my mom isn’t around. She tucks mine away for me, and I just keep knitting socks for her.

  3. Cynthia Says:

    Very cool – you’ll need to wander around with no shoes on so everyone can admire them.

  4. Suzy Says:

    Looks like you need to start thinking about dying your own yarn so you don’t have ends! 😉

  5. IRV Says:

    FANTASTIC! I love ’em. Pls post pattern soon. An incredible job-well done.

  6. pippy Says:

    Very cool. You’ll have to wear them with some man-sandals. :)

  7. TheAmpuT Says:

    I love them.
    Totally worth the weaving in.

  8. Sharah Says:

    those are some rockin’ socks. :) good job!

  9. sandy Says:

    Great sock! Love the colors! And…stripes are the new black, you know!

  10. Wendy Says:

    Finally! Socks to match your shifty eyes…

  11. Frank Says:

    Where can I get a pair?