From delicate to devastating

So on Saturday, I took pictures of the Sweet Potato Queens in all of their slightly tawdry glory. On Sunday evening I met with my buddies Mark and Edmo and we went to check out the first game of the Alamo City Rollergirls – Missyfits vs. Dragon Divas.


Oh man, I am so hooked in so many ways.

I’ve been home sick the last day and a half, mostly sleeping. If you’re in the neighborhood, send tea and diet ginger ale!

No Responses to “From delicate to devastating”

  1. Suzy Says:

    Perhaps a reaction to all the estrogen exposure during the weekend! 😉

  2. Michelle Says:

    I have to admit that Missyfits are my kinda chicks! They rock my world. Dang, I miss that show “Rollergirls” on A&E.

    I hope you get better soon!

  3. Wendy Says:

    You really got some great action shots! They look fabulous!

  4. Alison Says:

    Woo! Derby! I am a huge fan of the Boston Derby Dames. It’s so much fun, isn’t it?