Just another slow Saturday

Except, of course, for most of the world this is Sunday. But I’m on a weekend shift rotation at work right now, meaning I work Tuesday through Saturday. So last night was my Friday night, which I spent knitting and reading about the history of photography. Then I went to bed and woke up on Sunday morning, which is my Saturday.

Got it? Good.

This isn’t really about my schedule. It’s about the socks:

Finished Shifty Socks

Hee!!! There’s a ton of problems with these socks, but the only one I think I’m going to fix is the bind-offs. Waaay too tight, and difficult to get over my heels.

The striping pattern is very simple. Choose three colors: main color (black for me), starting color (blue) and finishing color (red). Start the sock using the starting color and when you’ve finished the toe, add a single row of the main color. Then knit five rows of the starting color, two rows of the main, four rows of the starting, three rows of main, and so on until you’re only knitting the main color. Measure how long this color change section is.

Knit the instep and heel turn according to the size you want to make. After you turn the heel, work in the main color until you’re ready to start shifting color again, based on the previously-measured length of the color change section. The do the same shift in reverse: one row of finishing color, five rows of main, two rows of finishing, four rows of main, etc, etc.


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  1. Ellen-Mary Says:

    Lovely!! I have yet to figure out how to bind off toe-up socks so they don’t cut off my circulation. If you do stumble across a solution please let me know.

  2. Marnie Says:

    One way that’s worked for me is not to cast off at all – purl a turning row, knit 5-6 more rows and tack down the live stitches on the inside as a hem. Fiddly, but it works quite well.

    Nice socks, bro! I knew you’d come over to the dark (sock-knitting) side! Bwaa -ha -ha!