h g Hppppy sd Farrers DAY

afsvuqirabk asjlnbuiqw

[What is that? You call that typing?]
{I’m trying, I’m trying!}

ddear Dad,,

[Oh, for the love of – get your sleeves off the keyboard. Face it, you don’t have fingers, you CAN’T TYPE!]
[Look, let me have a shot at it.]
{What, you’re going to do better? You haven’t got any fingers either, just wide toes.}
[Well, what about the gloves?]
(Um, we’re fingerless . . . )

hhhaa0-y ffsdthrhe

{*sigh* Okay, I can’t type. I give up.}
(Hey, what about VisiKnit? She handles computer text all the time!)
<You called?>
[We’re trying to write him a father’s day letter. Would you mind giving it a shot?]
<Not a problem.>

Dear David,

Happy Father’s Day!

Kilt Hose
Shifty Socks
Hobo gloves
Sweater Project Sweater

(Shit, he’s waking up! Everyone, back in the dresser!)

. . . this is the *last* time I leave my keyboard unlocked, even at home.

No Responses to “h g Hppppy sd Farrers DAY”

  1. mom Says:

    Is there a reason someone would be wishing you HFD?

  2. mtscoastergirl Says:

    Don’t you love it when your fo’s want to say hfd? And people looked at me odd when the pup gave me a hmd card this year.

    nice to know that they know about the facts of life – or at least who dad is!

  3. Ellen-Mary Says:

    Now that is love for you.

  4. enid Says:

    ROFL. That was too funny.