Yay, it still works!

I’ve got this great toy that’s been sitting unused in a shed since before I started this blog. It’s a Greenspeed recumbent trike that I got yeeeears and yeeeears ago, and apparently it handles being stuck in a dirty, dusty, buggy area really, really well. I didn’t even need to bust out the aircraft lube for it; the chain hardly made any noise.

I took it out for a spin in my new neighborhood last weekend and it’s as much fun as I remember. I need to find some long, lonely roads for it.

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  1. Jay Farrimond Says:

    I’ve always been interested in those. I’d like to try it out sometime, if you don’t mind.

  2. pippy Says:

    Chopper Carl says a recumbent is a lazy pony. Just fyi.
    Personally, I think they’re kind of funny too, but trikes rock. The (non-recumbent) Trike of Flame recently changed garages. Someday I intend to make her rideable. Sigh.
    Happy triking.