Puppa Sitting

My friend Lisa had an event to attend in Austin this weekend, so she put out the call at work to see if someone would look after her Boxers, Cooper and Tink. It’s been a while since I got teh puppah luv, so I told her I’d be happy to step in.

The planning didn’t work out as I’d hoped, though – she had a couple of events at her house in the week preceding this weekend, and I wasn’t able to attend any of them. And so I found myself in the rather awkward situation of showing up at her house yesterday, key in hand, without their mommy present and without ever having met either of them. With certain dogs, this can be a very bad way to make an introduction, and I was a little worried. But knowing that canines can smell fear, I thought my happiest thoughts, walked on in and opened up the back door.

Coop and Tink were waiting. I extended my hand for them to sniff and tried to project the most happy, welcoming pheremones I could – and it worked! Their little skinny butts wiggled like they were ready to come off, I petted them, and we made really nice. I proceeded to feed them their evening meal and give Coop his medicines, and then we settled down on the sofas to watch the Tour de France and read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. (The puppas got a little scared in parts, but I rubbed their tummies and they got over it.)

Then we went to bed. I slept on the big sofa and let them take the love seat and the comforter on the floor. About once an hour through the night, each one of them would get up and come wake me up just to make sure I was okay. Sometimes it was just them standing next to me, face-to-face, breathing on me until I woke up. When I did, the pup in question would promptly return to a sleeping position as soon as I opened my eyes and skritched their head. A couple of times they woke me by licking my face. And once, Tink breathed up my nose until I woke, whereupon she gave a loud belch in my face, wiggled her butt, and went back to sleep.

Tired as I am, I really love these dogs. I can’t wait for Lisa to go out of town again so I can dogsit.

When I finally bid them adieu in the back yard, Tink jumped up on me and marked me as her guardian for the weekend. I feel honored.

Mark of the Dogsitter

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  1. mtscoastergirl Says:

    gotta love it! I am in the same situation with a Black Lab, a yorkie (my puppy’s sister from another litter) and a GORGEOUS orange Tabby! I know the lab well – but the other two are new – the cat decided she liked me after I started knitting – she was mesmerized by the yarn – and all was ok till she tried to stop it from moving – the claws missed the yarn, but hit the leg…whew…it’s lion and lamb….so the knitting stopped and we started Deathly Hallows too!

  2. Jess, of the Bugs Says:

    sweet puppies!
    My sister’s golden retriever herded her back into bed when she was on bedrest while she was pregnant with my nephew. Good doggie. He also herds children (puppies).

  3. Rachel Says:

    what a great boxer story! my family has had boxers for two generations, and my brothers are focused on making it three (I can’t because of the live-aboard-ness). we miss the ass-waggling that only overjoyed boxers can do. you win a special prize!

  4. Kim Says:

    Funny story! I guess the belch in your face was her way of making you *hers*.