First Marshmallow Ho is done!

Despite being hyper-allergized today, I managed to complete the first ‘MallowHo done. I’m still writing up the pattern, but the basics of the design are:

  • knit toe-up
  • short-row heel
  • ribbed leg with cables, no calf shaping
  • Entrelac cuff

First Completed Marshmallow Ho

At the speed these go, I’m fairly certain I won’t be finishing the second one in the parking lot at Rhinebeck. :-)

2 Responses to “First Marshmallow Ho is done!”

  1. mtscoastergirl Says:

    come on, we all know that your best cables happen on asphalt. Admit it – that tarry smell makes the knitting go oh so much faster!

  2. Barbara from Nova Scotia Says:

    There is no leg in that sock! 😉