Go go derby girls!

I’m still working on the second ‘mallowho, but I’ve taken a little time off to pursue one of my other passions: photographing roller derby queens.



It’s raw, it’s real, it’s rollerderby. Yum.

No Responses to “Go go derby girls!”

  1. Christa Z. Says:

    hmmm, perhaps a few knitted garments for said derby girls would have a few of them turning their heads towards you. ;^)
    *Sorry for prying, but it’s what I do best when I hear there’s a man out there without a woman*
    (please pardon this nosey intrusion if there is now a woman on the arms, oppositionally!)
    ~and thirdly I just wanted to de-lurk myself, as those are some rather fine kilt hosen you have going on there, no really. They’re great. And I believe there was a rather fine pair quite some time ago that you pieced a pattern together for, I’ve been eyeing them to make a pair for a buddy of mine.
    Cheers and Happy Knitting.

  2. Cheryl Says:

    You get to photograph way more exciting things than I do. Maybe ‘farm photography’ isn’t where it’s at after all.