Well Hello, Mr. Fancy Patterns

Benefit of being web admin for a yarn store: you get a lot of advertising e-mail from various yarn providers.
Most of the time it’s spam-ish stuff, but every once in a while there’s a gem. This morning there was one from Garn Studio, which among other things provides a whole lot of free patterns.

Click and enjoy!

And in hose news, I’m almost done with the Entrelac cuff of Marshmallow Ho #2. (I just really like saying “Entrelac.” Entrelac entrelac entrelac.)

No Responses to “Well Hello, Mr. Fancy Patterns”

  1. Stephieface Says:

    ‘Entrelac’, I’ve always thought, is like ‘Humperdink’

    entrelac, entrelac, entrelac
    Humperdink, Humperdink, Humperdink


  2. AmySATX Says:

    Maybe you can add “Entrelac, Entrelac, Entrelac” to your “I am knitting!” proclamations.

  3. Ai Ferri Corti Says:

    You are a lucky man!

  4. Stephanie Says:

    I know better than to click on that link. I once lost a whole day to that site.