Labor Day

So last Saturday, I drove up to my mom & stepdad’s place to get ready for a barbecue on Sunday. I’d invited Mark and Virginia and Mark’s daughters up for an afternoon of feasting and river play. I packed my cameras, knitting, and sundries and headed out to get ready for the weekend.

My mother and stepfather bought a plot on the banks of the Guadalupe river a little over a decade ago, and I have been deeply grateful ever since. It’s a beautiful stretch of land, and my folks have gone to great lengths to make it even more beautiful. They’ve planted gardens and orchards, bought a sweet pair of burros to be watchdogs for the property, and my sister has painted murals on the buildings to make the place once of the sweetest slices of heaven on Earth that you’ll ever run across. Seriously.

I, however, am the bumbling comic of the bunch. At one point on Saturday, I managed to find myself locked out of the house. I checked all the doors around it and could not get back in. So I was left with once choice: drive back to San Antonio to get my spare key (about a two hour trek each way), or try to get in through the kitchen window. Much to my shame and possible detriment to the watching burros, I scrambled in through the window. In my kilt. Yeah, kilt pr0n abounded. Thank gods I didn’t set up a camera before I tried to get in.

Once I did, however, things went far more smoothly. I got the place ready for our banquet on Sunday, and when Mark and his gang arrived, we had a feast.

A feast which was only slightly marred by my inability to keep an eye on the grilled sausages.


Hey, I had a brisket going in the oven. It wasn’t a total loss. And Mark salvaged the grill to make some great pork chops with a salt, pepper and fennel seasoning. NOM NOM NOM.

After we’d all digested for a while, it was time for the girls to meet the burros, who are always eager to make new friends.


Then we all went into the river to swim for a while and play in the rowboat and kayak. It was wonderful, just the kind of relaxing basking in nature that Labor Day demands. (In my mind, anyway – I’ve never read the articles of incorporation of Labor Day.) After the water escapades, I let the girls unwind a bit more by being my chauffeurs in the golf cart. They weren’t bad at all, although I did have to apply some judicious passenger-side emergency braking once or twice.


On the way back to the house, we stopped by the burro paddock one more time, and at the urging of Mark (he’s my evil conscious), I let Burrito lick some beer off of my hand. Now, let me tell you – if you’ve never had the experience of a burro eating carrots or oats out of your hand, you really should try it. Lips the size of your head nibbling at the palm of your hand. It’s daunting and hilarious all at the same time. But it is nothing – nothing – compared to feeling a burro lick beer off your hand. It’s just . . . whoah. Huge tongue. I have no adjectives.

And then the day was done, and it was time for Mark and the crew to head back home, and me to stare up at the stars and ponder the imponderabilities of life. I didn’t find any answers, but the time was well spent.


No Responses to “Labor Day”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Sounds like a niiiiice weekend.

  2. Stephieface Says:

    I love the night sky picture… you take the bestest ‘I Must Have This As My Computer Background’ pics- really!

  3. Rachel Says:

    very very good. glad you had a good time, breaking and entering and all! we have that very problem a lot with my grandad’s cabin up on mt. adams- very often someone forgets to put the spare key back in the hiding place AND my step-grandmother is always changing the locks, rendering half of my keys obsolete… we are very good at removing and replacing window glazing now 😉

  4. Cheryl Says:

    Wow, your hair is getting long!

  5. mtscoastergirl Says:

    What a wonderful way to spend time with family and friends…and not a whole lot of labor-ing involved! The burros are very cute!!!

  6. janna Says:

    Burros — how would they do as house pets? Because they’re really cute!

  7. Mary, Mary Says:

    Shite, those roller derby girls could eat me for lunch. My cousin has a ranch in Burnet with two burros as lawn mowers around the house–glad to hear someone else does the same thing. Cousin also has peacocks to eat snakes, etc… they make a huge racket like being in the flight path of some kind of Johnny Quest terradactyl, but after a few beers it’s not so bad.

  8. Suzy Says:

    I have never hand fed a burro but have hand fed corn to cows. They have very long, rough (think sandpaper) tongues. (My sister lost a red mitten once when she fed a cow. My dad told her that it was the red mitten that caused the spring calf to be red!) It is too bad that you didn’t set up the camera before your break -in! 😉

  9. pippy Says:

    I’m so jell-o because I want to pat those burritos so bad!!!
    It never even occurred to me to have one lick beer off of my hand.
    You are one funny kilt-wearin’ cowboy to say something like “Hey, I had a brisket going in the oven”. 😀
    You crack me up.

  10. mom Says:

    You did WHAT thru the kitchen window??? By the way, we found the sausage corpses still on the barbee when we got home…

  11. Jay Farrimond Says:

    Does your mom know Sameer? Seems like they have something in common…