Team Luna – US Tour, 2007

I had a very, very rare pleasure this afternoon. My dear friend Cari Luna and her family are in the middle of their cross-country road trip from Brooklyn to Portland and they swung through San Antonio!

Yeah, I know – those city folk have *no* sense of direction.

Anyway, because of their very circuitous route to their new home, I got to have lunch with Cari who is, in my humble opinion, one of the most important people in the universe. We sat and knit, gossiped about bloggers, and at tasty Mexican food until we could barely move, and watched groups of kids dancing in El Mercado.

This was supposed to be a Yarn Harlot-style traveling sock picture, but Thumper needed a little coaching, and I was low on space in my camera:

Cari, Thumper and my sock

Good luck on the rest of your journey, gang!

No Responses to “Team Luna – US Tour, 2007”

  1. cari Says:

    Thanks for posting what was surely the best of some seriously rough-looking photos. The road, she has made us a scruffy lot.

    SO great to see you, darlin.

  2. Stephanie Says:

    I love it when my favourite people cross paths like this.

  3. janna Says:

    I’ve been reading her posts about their journey, but didn’t realize they were coming through San Antonio. That’s so cool!

  4. pippy Says:

    Sigh. Once again, I am jell-o!!!
    You’ve met Thumper twice!!
    Go north, Cari! Portland is almost straight north of San Antonio!!! Really!!!

  5. Juno Says:

    jealous, jealous, jealous.