Harlatorious Outing 2007

For the second time in three days, I drove to Houston and back last night. I got back at 2:30 am this morning and I am a little jittery from lack of sleep, even though the sleep I did experience was exquisite.

What would make me do this kind of thing, you ask? I did it for women, of course. A whole freakin’ huge crowd of women. On Sunday, it was for the Roller Derby Governor’s Cup, in which my beloved Alamo City Roller Girls played the opening bout against the Assassination City team (they’re from Dallas. Roller derby == sick sense of humor). Regrettably, my girls got their assess kicked, but they never gave up and they came away a little more experienced. I’m looking forward to next year.

Last night, the reason for repeating the trip was a little get-together that we like to call a Yarn Harlot Book signing. Stephanie is always worth a 400-mile round-trip, whatever the circumstances.

On the way out, my elbow started to get a little sore from all the driving, so I reached into the back seat and grabbed a ball of yarn left over from the marshmallow hose to use as a cushion.


Quite effective, that.

Once I found Twisted Yarns in Houston (actually in Spring, a few miles North), I bought a copy of the latest book, plopped down in a chair and started knitting – and found myself right next to Plum Texan! (Whom I have not seen in person since the *last* Yarn Harlot book signing.) I also saw Christine (whose camera is MUCH bigger than mine) again, and met Ray. (Go buy his hand-dyed yarn. Go.)

I also Kinneared the Harlot while she was doing pre-talk interviews. Crappy, crappy pic, but she didn’t see me! Hee hee hee.


Then we walked over to the school next door and took our seats. The Twisted Yarns ladies held a raffle in which many bags of fibery goodness were given out and many mutterings of “aw, shit!” were heard from people whose ticket numbers *almost* matched those being called. It was great fun.

Then Stephanie came out and explained, among other things, the dangers of CHOKE. At one point, I kind of stole . . . no, borrowed her thunder. She was talking about social perceptions of male knitters being “odd”, and I and another man in the audience (Ray?) gave delicate coughs. Then she said “People think if you’re a guy knitter, you’re gay.” At which point I coughed so loudly that it echoed in the auditorium. This made the knitters laugh and made Steph think I’m a smartass. Which is accurate.

She went on for I think an hour and a half, and just as before, we all laughed so hard our sides hurt.


Afterwards she displayed her continuing good nature and fortitude by signing books for even longer than she talked. When I finally got to the table, she gave me a hug, signed my book, and we took pictures of each other. Me with the traveling sock, and her with my in-process cardigan, which I believe is now blessed and imbued with mystical powers.


I also gave her a framed photo that I took last year at Rhinebeck of a maple leaf. I think she left pretty present-laden, as I know at least one other knitter had brought her a bag of pecan brittle.

And then, still buzzing from the joy of the evening, I drove home through dark and fog and finally got home, to collapse in my bed and dream of socks and sweaters.

No Responses to “Harlatorious Outing 2007”

  1. Ray (Knitterman) Says:

    Woo-hooo… Someone just plucked up the last of the Redwood sock yarn and told me where she found the link! Thank you! Now I know where your blog is and I can go tooling around to see all your knitted stuff. :-)

    Will be in touch — I’ve been looking for a photographer who actually knows what a picture should look like AND knows what knitting/yarn should look like, to do some really nice promo shots for the Web site — the ‘studio’, dyeing, and so forth.

    Good to meet you last night.

  2. janna Says:

    Oh, it sounds like so much fun! Was it 130 degrees outside, like when she was in Austin?

  3. Liz Says:

    Awesome kinnearing job. Dang, now I have to try to do as good a job in my writeup!

  4. Stephieface Says:

    May you always have sweet knitterly dreams of ladies named Stephanie…


  5. Sea Anemone Says:

    Would those be pecan pralines that I gave her to distract the squirrels?? :)

    Lovely to meet you last night.

  6. Administrator Says:

    Sea Anemone – YES! The pralines! Not pecan brittle! My mistake.

  7. Ellen-Mary Says:

    Sounds like a great time!! I’m just going to sit here, knit socks and be quietly envious. Don’t mind me.

  8. Plum Texan Says:

    I tried to Kinnear *you* and was rather unsuccessful! Seems the un-sneaky photo sort of turned out, though…

    Yes, between Sea Anemone’s pralines and saltwater taffy, and my contribution of chocolate and honey-roasted pecans, Stephanie was sure she was all set for breakfast. :)

  9. Christine Says:

    It was hard to ignore all of you taking those sneaky photos, but we did our best. Meanwhile, thank you for driving all the way to Houston to entertain the ladies. You are nothing if not generous. 😀

    By the way, your cough was most excellently timed.

  10. Hilary Says:

    Hey, I found you. Reading the Yarn Harlot and all of a sudden I said, “The guy in the kilt & kilt hose is David. He’s in Houston, not SA.” So, of course, I clicked on over to your site and thought “Stephanie’s holding David’s sweater–and it’s so much bigger than it was last Saturday.” I want to hear the details next time we’re at YB. You must be exhausted…but travel in Texas is no big deal.

  11. Mel Says:

    Speaking of Rhinebeck, will your kilty presence be felt this year?

    Okay, I just realized that didn’t quite sound right, but whatever.

  12. Amanda Says:

    I just found your blog via the Harlot’s post… looks like you had a great time! I haven’t browsed extensively but I like what I have seen. Go Roller Derby chicks!

  13. Spritely Stephanie Says:

    Saw you on someone else’s photo stream, then on the Harlot’s post and had to come over and ask a very curious question….if a Survival Utilikilt can hold 20 bottles of libation, any idea how much yarn it could tote? 😉
    I couldn’t tell what model kilt you were sporting, but you sport it well. Nice hose too 😀 wish I could have been at the event – sounded like a blast :)

  14. Elizabeth Says:

    Genius move with the ball of yarn – I had exactly the same problem on the way home from Atlanta (to see the harlot) but was not clever enough to hit up the stash for a wee pillow!

  15. Anne~abella Says:

    Houston to San Antonio vs. Charlotte CH to Washington DC (roughly)…

    I think we’re about even. :)

    How goes the sweater?

    I like you with longer hair, is purty (in a manly way).

  16. miss violet Says:

    So…uh…*are* you gay?

    I only ask because Alcariel is single and stuff, and you’re kinda hot. :)


  17. Administrator Says:

    Miss Violet,

    Straight as a #15, baby.

    Well, except for that fifteen minutes in college . . .

  18. CyndyeB Says:

    Wow….seems the most talked about person besides Steph, sat down next to me and my sis. I was the lady you gave that cute eyebrow lift to. I stayed over until saturday morning. I had to go a couple of hours further down I-10 than you. SA is my closest yarn shop. I was there Memorial weekend to haunt YB, but they were closed.
    I am going to bookmark your blog and keep a close eye on you, young man…..LOL