Come for the knitting, stay for the Kilt pr0n

I’m under no illusions here. I know that the recent and massive influx of traffic to my site is due to Stephanie linking to me yesterday. When a ravening whack of knitters descends upon my server, it’s not because they’re here looking for great patterns or fine yarn.

No, you’re all here for the kilt pr0n. It’s okay, I’m used to being objectified.

I am, however, currently at work and thus unable to properly model the brand-new Utilikilt that arrived on my doorstep yesterday (squeee!!!) So please excuse me if this morning I defer to the deputy of the Sweater Project Yarn Consulate and let Scottie McQuacken provide today’s dose of kilt titillation.


Och, quack! Top o’ the mornin’ to you, lassies! Don’t crowd, don’t crowd, there’s plenty o’ me to be goin’ round.


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  1. Heather Says:

    I am one of these many new patrons to your blog, though to be honest I don’t check out everyone that Stephanie links, only those who seem interesting. A man in a kilt was certainly encouraging as well πŸ˜‰ What can I say? My last name is Sutherland. It’s in me blood!

    I do look forward to reading your blog beyond the kilt craze. You make wonderful things and I really enjoy your writing. So, nice to meet you :)

  2. One fan of harlot Says:

    No, we want to see what you knit and all that. I already knew about the utilikilts. Nice duck.

  3. Lisa Says:

    I will not lie. I was tickled pink that the Harlot linked you. I was on the rowdy knitter side to and loved your sweater. I would love to see some of the baby Gus picturs that you took too. I will be adding you to the rounds as well!

  4. Rachel Says:

    I really like the longer hair, David. :) and I can’t wait to see the new kilt!

  5. Amy N TX Says:

    Well yes the massive influx is Harlot related, however I’ve been lurking around for a while for the knitting content and the fact you’re a fellow Texan. I really enjoy all the photo’s you take!

  6. Juno Says:

    You are a strange, strange man.

  7. Bridget Says:

    Actually, I found your site through last year’s Sock War. Are you going to play this year? Sign ups are open until Oct. 1 at YarnMonkey’s new site, Hope so! Part of the fun from last year was how many folks were playing!

  8. Miss Knotty Says:

    Okay, you got me. I completely came for the kilt action. Sorry to be so prosaic.

    In any case, your cardi does look beautiful. So, if Houston is a 400 mile round trip for you, is that a trip south, or north? If you’re wearing kilts and hose, I’m thinking you’re Weird, which means that you must be from the Austin area, and proudly Keeping Austin Weird; however, I have been wrong before, and Dallas also has a large kilt-wearing contingent (who aren’t weird), particularly around the beginning of March, for the Irish Festival in Fair Park.


    I’ve completely lost where this was going. Nice Sweater, cute duck.

    Miss Knotty, who is known for leaving random, not really on-topic comments.

  9. Ellen-Mary Says:

    I came here last year for the kilt pr0n and stayed for the weirdness.

    The duck is totally rockin’. I may need to get one.

  10. janna Says:

    Well, at least the duck is Scottish! πŸ˜‰

    (And where’s that tutorial for the stretchy bind-off whose name I can’t recall?)

  11. Sea Anemone Says:

    while the kilt wearing is nice, I happen to think the knitter may be nicer. :)

  12. Plum Texan Says:

    Och, aye – smashing Royal Stewart there, Scottie.

    Seriously? I confess, I Kinneared you in Austin last year (not sure you knew about that one :) ) and followed Stephanie here then. But I wouldn’t have Bloglined you if it hadn’t become evident that you’re an interesting individual.

    Or, to condense: I came for the kilt, I stayed for the content. Worth the effort, for sure.

  13. Billi-Jean Says:

    Nah. I’ve been reading your blog for about a year :)

  14. anne Says:

    i did come over from stephanie’s post, mainly because i met you at rhinebeck (and the CIA) last year and you look so different in her photo that i wanted to be sure it was you. you look great with the beard!

  15. Barbara from Nova Scotia Says:

    I guess Scottie isn’t into a bunch of crazy women oogling his kilt hose…

  16. Stephieface Says:

    I followed your kilt hem linked last year by Stephanie….. I’ll admit it, loudly and proudly!

    But I also love your knitting, your photos, and your balls……

    …of yarn of course

    Jeez πŸ˜€

  17. Marin Says:

    I came here after Rhinebeck and think I should get credit for not following blindly where the Harlot leads (not that I think it would be a bad tour), but following my own baser instincts.

    For the record? I’m the chick who let you back in the beer line (all two of us) at Rhinebeck when you got the bottle of water for the nice lady who was choking. Not asking for points, just clarifying for identification purposes.

    I’ll stop talking now.