Acrostic Attack!

I’ve been tagged by Michelle and Mary, so here goes:

Demented – In need of adult supervision. I like causing mischief.

analytical – when something seizes my attention, I want to understand it. I like to look at it from every angle I can, take it apart, re-assemble it, completely understand it.

voluble – when I’m around my friends, listening to them talk, I can’t help but interrupt with puns and jokes. I try to temper this impulse so that they don’t kill me.

inquisitive – it’s often embarassing, but when someone talks about something that I don’t understand or I’m unfamiliar with, I make a point of asking them what they’re talking about. You can’t shed your ignorance if you don’t confront it.

derivative – I like coming up with my own ideas, but I also really like taking the ideas that I see around my and synthesizing them into someting now. The old adage is “there is nothing new under the sun”, but there are infinite combinations of existing ideas if we can just see how to realize them.

No Responses to “Acrostic Attack!”

  1. janna Says:

    Everyone else’s names seem to be easier than mine for this meme….

  2. Anton Says:

    I like you untempered.