Holy crap, Top Chef live!!!

I didn’t know this was coming – the season finale of Top Chef is being broadcast live.

Excuse me while I spend the next hour trying not to swallow my tongue from excitement.

They’ve got an ingredients table that has every freaking meat and vegetable I’ve ever seen in my life. Whoah.

The three chefs have two sessions for preparing their final dishes – the first three-hour prep period is a day before the meal is served, and each one gets a top-ranked professional chef to work as their sous chef. Awesome.

The next day, as each chef is finishing their menu, they bring in three of the previous contestants to act as sous chefs in the final hour of preparation – and they announce that each chef has to add another course to their menu. Good grief.

Shit. Casey isn’t going to make it.

WHAT??? HUNG? Oh man.

Okay, he’s an awesome chef, but I really wanted Dale to win it. Damn.

Okay, bedtime.

No Responses to “Holy crap, Top Chef live!!!”

  1. Lilith Says:

    Now that that’s over, start rooting for the All Blacks. 😉

  2. Alison Says:

    Yeah, I really wanted Casey or Dale to win. I only watched it sporadically, but I never really liked Hung that much.

    Ha, but more than wanting a particular chef to win, I wanted to be at the table eating that food!!

  3. kate Says:

    yeah, hung should NOT have won. if only b/c foam is not food :) I was totally addicted all season and can’t wait for the next round. Though, honestly, padma is starting to jump on my last nerve.

  4. scout Says:

    I wanted Dale to win too. I thought Hung was super talented but he was such an ASS!

  5. gaile Says:

    i kinda knew Hung would win, if only because he seems more like a chef to me, at least more like every chef i’ve ever known – they’re never nice when it comes to their food, they’re artists and can come across as assholes. I thought Casey deserved to lose if for no other reason than putting roe on *two* of her final dishes and then saying she just used it to look pretty. Altitude or no, that was lame. But it was a bummer that we had to look at marcel again. hate that guy.