I am so done.

Wow. My second Rhinebeck has come and gone, leaving me to sit in my hotel room with a swirl of memories rushing about like Autumn leaves in the wind. And if the cheesiness of that sentence doesn’t tell you how completely blissed-out I am right now, nothing will.

I can’t even remember the order of everything at this point, so please bear with me. There will be dates misremembered and names forgotten or mis-applied. I take no responsibility for anything involving my mental abilities at this point.

I flew in on Tuesday and had an already-blogged horrible dinner. I woke up on Wednesday and started to make up for it by having brunch at the CIA in Hyde Park. I cannot stress this enough – if you ever have the opportunity, GO THERE. The food at the cafe is great and the restaurants are nothing to sneeze at, and you get to see and talk to budding chefs as they go through their days. It’s fantastic.

Wednesday evening I drove out to my brother’s place in Connecticut for my nephew’s birthday party, which involved a present of Legos, the Transformers DVD, several squealing children and lots of pizza. It’s the first time I’ve seen my brother’s place and it was really nice, from the front door all the way down to the garage where his Triumph rests. You’re livin’ large, bro.

I got back late that night and worked some more on my sock, mused about the upcoming events, and watched some CSI back episodes on my laptop.

A very big chunk of Thursday was spent driving a scenic road out to the Tobacco Valley Stitch ‘n Bitch, which was waay out in Connecticut. The drive was mostly along route 55 and was bordered by horse farms and small towns and it was just – aah. Gorgeous. I wish someone else had been driving so I could have taken more of it in and taken pictures.

The Stitch ‘n Bitchers were very friendly and were working on a fascinating assortment of projects. The whole experience was a little less than I’d hoped for though, because one of the things I was hoping to do during it was catch up with Lilith, my ex, but due to circumstances beyond my control we didn’t have much decent chat time.

Another long drive home in the dark – this time along the highway instead of the scenic route – and I was back in bed and ready for Friday’s events.

I met up with Anne and her entourage at the CIA‘s French restaurant and we had a blast. Anne was extremely generous in allowing me to invite myself to their luncheon a couple of weeks ago via e-mail, and I tried to return the favor by buying a really nice bottle of Bouchard Pere & Fils Bourgongne Pinot Noir to go with lunch. Mmmmm, duck and pinot noir. It was very close to my idea of heaven – good food and great company. We stopped by Morehouse Merino for a bit and fondled the yarn, and then I did a little bit more gratuitous driving to stay at my brother’s place for an evening.

Finally, Saturday arrived. And from there on out it’s just kind of a blur . . . until I have time to get to my notes, I’m just going to give you a link to my Flickr set from the weekend and say that I met several old friends, made a huge number of new ones, and flirted shamelessly with the entire weekend’s female population of Rhinebeck. I also got a heap o’ yarn which is hopefully preceding me to San Antonio as we speak.

No Responses to “I am so done.”

  1. Suzanne Says:

    Met you at Rhinebeck at the Ravelry party and drooled on your sweater and maybe your kilt hose. Awesome work!

  2. Cheryl Says:

    One of these years I have to eat a meal at the CIA.

  3. Sarah Ostrowalker Says:

    Great to meet you! Sorry I look so silly in that photo… I want to hear your stories from the weekend!

  4. Lilith Says:

    Route 44, dear, not 55. :)

  5. Lisa Says:

    What a treat. You have been blogged about twice now by the Harlot. Texas is so great to be able to calim you as her own!

  6. Stacey Says:

    Very cool kilt – ran across photo of you all kilted up on Yarn Harlot. I have a friend who has sewn a couple of them and I’m partially Scottish – so I think it’s fun to see kilt-wearers. I perused your blog and a picture caught my eye – Yarn Barn! I’m in the Hill Country – funny how you meet neighborly fiber folk via a Canadian’s blog. Well, it’s rather cold and windy today -perfect kntitting day, so I’m going back to my needles and a giant ball of wool.

  7. Michelle Says:

    I thought you were quite the flirt :)

    One of these days we’ll meet again, and I’ll get to pick on you a bit :)

  8. Kathe Says:

    you didn’t seem that flirtatious to me…at dinner with 3 strange females, no less! or maybe we were too strange?! was fun meeting you, and reading your blog. I have a great picture of the 4 of us with our knitting; if you like, I’ll send it to you.

  9. Pippypippy Says:

    Saw your sassy self on the Yarn Harlot’s blog! Nice!

  10. Miss Scarlett Says:

    Stephanie’s picture of you is seriously hot! Work that kilt Mr.

  11. eileen Says:

    Hi David! You are a sort of celebrity. The other night at knitting I pointed out to my friends that I know the “kilt guy” that has shown up on the Yarn Harlot’s blog! I’ve almost finished the second sleeve of my steeked Norwegian sweater, and I promise to take before and after photos! Keep in touch, will ya?

  12. Laurie Says:

    It was wonderful to meet you. I had Aran envy.

    Lilith’s comment is priceless.

  13. Karen Says:

    David! We had a great time with you at lunch at the CIA. Let’s do it again next year! Thanks to you, the Knitspot entourage felt a bit more at home in the Rhinebeck crowd.

  14. Beckie (aka Casey) Says:

    It was such a nice lunch at the CIA. Good food, good wine, great company!

  15. Mea Says:

    Saw you on Harlot and have lurked here a bit. That kilt is awesome. My husband so needs one. . . . flirt on!

  16. janna Says:

    You met Knitspot Anne???? I’m so jealous — I love all of her designs!

  17. Kim Says:

    David, I STILL say your mamma raised you well – in spite of your lipstick comment!!!! hahaha It was great snarfing with you at CIA – see ya next year!