Post-Rhinebeck Kilt Pr0n!

While I’m stuck in the Detroit airport on my way back from Rhinebeck (did I mention I was at Rhinebeck?), here’s some quick kilt pr0n to tide you over. Mel of Red Maple Sportswear made his own kilt – I am jealous. I’ve got to dust off the sewing machine and see if I can show him up next year.


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  1. Pippypippy Says:

    Competitive male sewing.
    Do I need to point out that the idea is really weird?
    You guys are looking handsome in the kilts! The hosen look great!

  2. Rachel Says:

    I volunteer to officiate this auspicious competitive male sewing. ahem.

  3. Donna Says:

    …ready to test out my Kilt Inspecting skills. Rachel will need assistance I’m sure…

  4. MBTemple Says:

    I was admiring your socks at the author tent yesterday – does that make me a stalker for commenting on your blog? Anyway, I will look for results of competitive mail sewing in the future.

  5. Lisa D in PA Says:

    He may have made his kilt, but you have better legs!

  6. Cheryl Says:

    Oh, how cute are you guys!?

  7. Michelle Says:

    Mmmm.. men in kilts. Love those socks!

  8. Plum Texan Says:

    I’m with Lisa D, no offense intended to Mel. Also, I slightly prefer the knee shot on Stephanie’s post. Sorry I missed it… 😉

  9. Mel Says:

    I’m already looking at fabric for next year. Bwaaahahahahaaa!

  10. Administrator Says:

    Oh, it’s on, kiltboy. Bring it!

  11. Miss Scarlett Says:

    That is awesome!

  12. Night Crickett Says:

    My very Scottish neighbor has an opinion on Utilikilts. He says, “Is it Plaid? Does it have pockets? It’s a skirt.” Just thought I’d throw that one to you.

  13. Administrator Says:

    Night Crickett,

    I for one don’t wear plaid because it indicates clan membership, and I don’t belong to a clan. I only pretend to be something I’m not on Hallowe’en.

    And if what I was wearing was a skirt, then there were scores of women at Rhineibeck who really have a thing for transvestites. Who knew?

  14. magikat93 Says:

    You are part of the encouragment my son needs to wear the kilt I want to get for him to the next Celtic Fest in New York. It was great chatting with you at Rhinbeck! BTW-I agree about the leg comparison!