Rhinebeck Yarn Pr0n

So, here’s what I got at Rhinebeck, ordered chronologically.

First, I was on a mission: I am a huge fan of Brenda Dayne, and Bria Rose Fibers is one of her sponsors. So, to support one of my favorite podcasts, I bought a big-ass skein of Legend. No idea what it’s going to be yet. In the evenings, we cuddle while I wait for it to speak to me.


Second, I went to the Ravelry party on Saturday night. I got there pretty early and got to witness the growing confusion of the staff at Riccardi’s Hideaway as a hundred – two hundred? – knitters showed up and partied hard. Juno very correctly observed that it was too warm inside for knitted wear, so I went outside and joined her and Stephanie at a table. Pretty soon it came time for the raffle, and not wanting to brave the warmth and crowds, I gave my ticket to Stephanie. It turned out that I won a big sack of Berrocco Merino and a pattern book, which Steph brought back to me.

That’s right – the Harlot brought me my yarn. I felt like such a rock star.


The next day, Lilith and I wandered around the grounds and saw all sorts of fibery wonders. Towards the end of the day I shamelessly sucked up to Steph and Juno again and did one last tour of the grounds. We came to Serendipity’s booth and I started fondling some cones. Stephanie started whispering in my ear that it was a great deal, I could make at least two pairs of kilt hose out of it, and . . . I bought it. Over a pound of fine wool for under $30. It swatched up pretty rough – it definitely needs to be scoured – but it’s got a lot of potential.


I’ve already warned Juno and Steph that if it’s too rough for kilt hose, I’m making them both thongs.

No Responses to “Rhinebeck Yarn Pr0n”

  1. Jay Farrimond Says:

    Can you make a thong for me too? You should also make a kilt thong for yourself.

  2. Michelle Says:

    Ouch.. but I wouldn’t mind seeing a kilt thong 😛

  3. Lilith Says:

    It’s a good thing I wasn’t drinking anything when I read that thong bit. You’d’ve had to buy me a new monitor and keyboard. 😛

  4. Kat with a k Says:


    I want to see Juno and the Harlot modeling said thongs here on this blog.

    Knit on, Oh Kilt Master!

  5. juno Says:

    Dream on buddy.

  6. Plum Texan Says:

    You are *so* a rock star. :) Nice haul! That Briar Rose again makes me weep that I cannot use wool.

    Also, I will third the kilt thong…and I don’t usually like thongs on anybody.

  7. Stephieface Says:

    Hmmm… kilt….. thong…. what?…. my Spidey senses are going off like crazy.

  8. Jess, of the Bugs Says:

    I am le jealous. *whine* I wanna go!
    We had a small fiber festival not far from my house, wherein sheep were sheared and there was lotsa fiber to be had. More details soon on my blog. I just found my camera in my very messy house. Ergh. But there will be pictures, anyhow.

    I almost fell out of my chair after reading your last entry (which I subsequently read to the husband – I’ve got to get him a kilt).

  9. Miss Scarlett Says:

    The Briar Rose is gorgeous.

    Ouch! Those thongs sound punishing.

  10. Sue J Says:

    i think that beautiful yarn would make a beautiful shawl………..my birthday is in march! You’ve got plenty of time to knit it up! HA!

  11. Kathe Says:

    There’s a pattern for a men’s thong on Knitty- a friend sent it to me as a joke. She suggested I make it for my husband. He suggested, gently, that he’d prefer a sweater:-P

  12. Sarah Ostrowalker Says:

    I narrowly avoided a falling-down at Briar Rose… Last year nearly did me in! We were all pretty jealous as Steph walked by with your yarn. Any idea what you’ll do with it?

  13. Lynn Says:

    Wait a minute – ALL you got at Rhinebeck was a skein of Briar Rose and a big cone and some yarn you won in a raffle? Where do I sign up for that dose of self-restraint you obviously got at the doc’s? Does it come from wearing a kilt?

    Harrumph. I bought two enormous skeins of Briar Rose Heritage. An appalling amount of $$. I didn’t buy any last year, so I felt as though I were due. And my skeins have yet to speak to me, either.

  14. WonderMike Says:

    You are a rock star, Dude!