Knitting Interruptus

So there I was on Saturday morning, waiting for a couple of breakfast tacos at Taco Cabana and knitting away on the vest for my stepdad, when all of a sudden the tension of the waistband I was working on loosened. I stopped knitting and just stared at the piece in my hands for a couple of seconds trying to figure out what had happened. Then I realized that the plastic cable on my interchangeable needle kit had come out of the connecting socket on my right-hand needle. Forty stitches were suddenly live. Gaaah!

I grabbed a seat, pulled out a spare circ and began picking the stitches back up. Later I stopped by the supermarket and got some superglue. When I tried to glue the cable back in to the connector though, the cable wouldn’t go all the way in. No matter how I tried to twist it and shove it, it would not budge. Which pretty much ruins this particular cable because the plastic cables were molded to fit smoothly against the base of the threaded metal connectors that screw in to the base of the needles, so now I’ve got a cable that has one connector with a very unsightly and functionally impaired join. It drags on the yarn now when I knit.

Phooey. Well, it’s not a total loss. I’ve got other circs that I can use in place of this one. Though now that I’ve let this piece sit for a little while and looked at it while it’s not in my hands, I’m wondering if I should rip it out and make it a couple inches longer. It’s looking a little small.

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  1. Miss Scarlett Says:

    That sucks.

    The exact same thing happened to me this summer while I was knitting a sock – and I was kip too. I couldn’t fit the cable back in either and was fortunate to have some dpn’s in my bag.

    It’s a good thing knitters are so prepared.

  2. Coastergirl Says:

    ARRGH. Sounds similar to the cable issue I had a few weeks ago at the Saucer. When I finally got going again – there was a big knotted join in the front. I am hoping to get some work on it done tomorrow –

    Good thing you were prepared!

  3. Marnie Says:

    Take my advice – if in doubt, make it longer. Ask me how I know.


  4. carrie Says:

    Ouch. At least you noticed it right away, and didn’t go walking off, losing stitches. Good save! =)

  5. Stephieface Says:

    I probably would not have noticed until I got back around to those stitches, good catch!

  6. Wendy Says:

    Good catch! Circs coming apart totally blows!

  7. TheAmpuT Says:

    I had this happen to me with KnitPicks Options. I called them to complain, because I’d read in several places that many folks were having the same problem in the early stages of manufacturing, and they sent me a replacement cable. Still, it drove me nuts too, that it came out so easily but wouldn’t go back easily!! I would have fixed it myself.