A ripping good holiday to you all

Well, all of you who celebrate the USA holiday of Thanksgiving tomorrow, anyway. If you don’t, hey, I hope you have a good week anyway.

I don’t understand anything about this holiday. They told me in kindergarten that Thanksgiving is a commemoration of a feast that the puritan pilgrims had after surviving a winter they were horribly unprepared for after the timely assistance of the natives in the area they’d chosen to settle in.

1.) Why were these people called pilgrims? They were a Christian sect and as far as I know, there are no holy destinations for Christians in North America (or, at least, there’s weren’t at the time). I thought a pilgrimage was a trip you took to a holy place as a demonstration of faith.

2.) If we’re celebrating their survival of the harsh winter, how come we’re having the feast at the beginning of winter?

3.) Why do we have a secular holiday celebrating the pilgrims’ survival when they’re not part of our secular heritage? I mean, politically, we are not descendants of the pilgrims. They were very firmly part of the colonial system of Great Britain. They certainly were not out to spread democracy.

Yeah, anyway – anything for a chance to cook, right? So happy Thanksgiving, everyone – whatever it is we’re celebrating here.

Oh, and ripped the beginning of the vest. It’s now about two rows of ribbing on my circs, but at least the two rows have a slightly larger circumference than before.

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  1. Rachel Says:

    and to you, David! personally, I agree with all your points about Thanksgiving- history is written by the victor with whatever ‘spin’ or lies that suit their motives. So I focus on remembering what I am thankful for, and trying *not* to stuff myself silly.

  2. Kath Says:

    All good points! Years ago I had a friend from another country who had to temporarily relocate to the States with her family. As to Thanksgiving, 4th of July, and other holidays she experienced while living here in the U.S. she said, “You Americans will just take any excuse to party!”

  3. Stephieface Says:

    What? Thanksgiving isn’t when we’re supposed to load up on weight to keep us warm during the winter? You mean, I can survive the harsh snows without 8lbs of gravy gut and pumpkin pie pooch?

  4. Kim Says:

    1) I think they were in search of a new land. I don’t really know why they are called pilgrims. I don’t think they called themselves that.
    2) The celebration was for the first successful harvest after the really harsh winter. I think the celebration was “This winter we might be okay!” And yes, it was with great help of the natives – the colonists didn’t have appropriate seeds – they were given them by the natives, they were showed how to plant with fish heads as fertilizer. Etc.
    3) In some fashion, we are all (except for those who claim native american heritage) descendents of immigrants who came to this place. Arguments about whether it was just or not aside, this group was the first immigrant population to really make it. (With the possible exception of Jamestown, which was almost the same group anyway.) And they were seeking religious freedom, which we are (sometimes it seems just barely) enjoying. They were escaping from government-enforced religion and persecution because of differing religious beliefs.

    It would be great if everyone could remember we are descendents of immigrants!

    It is nice to have a holiday where it’s not founded on the basis of a religious day, where the stores actually remain closed.

  5. heatherly Says:

    the “pilgrims” celebrated all the feasts mentioned in the bible. thanksgiving was a celebration of feast of tabernacles/(sukkot for modern jews) which is the ending/last of the harvest celebration. (there is a spring first harvest one too)it is supposed to last 7 days :-) canadian thanksgiving actually takes place closer to the correct time of year. but we apparently have a turkey holiday that our thanksgiving was merged with.

    so it is a religious holiday, not secular. but look at christmas, can we really say what that holiday has evolvedinto that it is a religious holiday today?
    the society that made these holidays was religious. our society today is secular.

    lincoln’s proclamation for thanksgiving

    pilgrims- because they undertook a pilgrimage to what they believed to be a place of religous freedom and in a sense “the promised land”
    just the fact that we have the right to be a secular society is owed to these “pilgrims” who believed that one should be able to choose how ( or if) to worship God instead of being ordered into a state church for life.

    so when you sit down to your turkey, be thankful you can choose to pray over the meal as you so choose or NOT pray. that is all owed to the puritanical pilgrims.
    funny how puritanical became a bad thing, huh?

  6. Heatherly Says:

    lol, ok, according to my kids’ textbook they were called pilgrims b/c they were not all puritans. but seperatists, puritans, religious and non religious. but all undertook the pilgrimage together. so the wholegroup was called pilgrims.

  7. Lilith Says:

    Meanwhile, that winter… “Excuse me, do you have any food?”

  8. Danielle from SW Missouri Says:

    Kim and Heatherly have it right. The People who celebrateed the first Thanksgiving were “pilgrims”of sorts in that they made the journey to a new land for religious and other freedoms.The first Thanksgiving was in celebration of the first successful harvest. As for the comment that most people arent decendents of the pilgrims I can proudly say that I and My family are, our ancestor is John Adams the Barrel Maker from the Mayflower. And rest assured there are many more out there whether they know it or not that are the decendants of that first Pilgimage across the big pond.