Aw, darn it!

Darn it, I forgot to post yesterday! Ah well, there go my NaBloPoMo aspirations.

I had a good reason to miss, though. I had a lunch date yesterday that evolved into visiting a friend’s house and helping (okay, watching) her rearrange her living room for Christmas decorating, and then into watching Battlestar Galactica: Razor. I have to be at work this morning (hi, posting from work, don’t tell my boss) so I went to bed early last night.

And that’s why there’s no blog post for the 24th. Oh sure, I could go back and manually insert a post into the database for the 24th, but would it really fool anyone? And besides, the guilt would tear my fragile mind apart.

So in lieu of a proper post yesterday, here’s some kilt pr0n. I mentioned getting my first kilt convert? Here’s me and my uncle Dent, both sporting our newest kilts. (I really need to knit the guy some proper hose.)


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  1. Plum Texan Says:

    I scarcely need to say that you both cut a striking figure. And despite his lack of proper hose, at least your uncle has a firm grasp of proper Utilikilt footwear.

    Happy end of the Thanksgiving holiday!

  2. Kath Says:

    Sorry you blew the NaBloPoMo goal, but I certainly appreciate your honesty! Besides, you’re stacking up good karma too.

    And hey – I’ll take kilt pr0n any day!

  3. TheAmpuT Says:

    Drats. So close, too. And to think, you could have been like me and remembered to type in some crapola at 11:56pm or something.

    I thought of you yesterday. I had a friend visiting from a podunk town on the Northern California Coast. One thing led to another, I we started tripping through the Craigslist Rants-n-Raves for her area (Humbolt county, I think it was). There was a whole entire banter back and forth about Utilikilts! I couldn’t believe it. But it was quite humorous. And it makes me want one. They need to come up with a Tomboy-girlish version. As it stands, all they offer us are a spaghetti strapped tank top, which apparently we should wear with no bra.

    shut up. LOLOL

  4. Donna Says:

    what no post yesterday….didn’t notice it with the kilt photo. you guys look great! I’m suddenly feeling a whole lot better….

  5. Iris Says:

    Excellent! Thanks for sharing the photo with us.

  6. Carrie Says:

    Awesome picture! You guys look great

  7. Ellen-Mary Says:

    Men in kilts: one of my favorite things. I’m thinking you’re right, Uncle Dent deserves some proper kilt hose for Christmas; those crew socks aren’t cutting it. He still looks good, improper hose and all.

  8. Ted Says:

    Yes. He needs proper kilthose. You have the patterns, afterall.

  9. Kim Says:

    How do you convert someone to wearing a kilt? What’s your pitch? He looks much better in the kilt than the pants, by the way…..

  10. Miss Scarlett Says:

    Kilt pr0n=free pass on missed post