I love it when the pattern starts

Yay, I finally got past the 1×1 ribbed waist for the Sooper Seekrit Projekt II and am in to the cabling. No pictures at the moment – I’m at work and I forgot to take pics this morning – but I’ll get some up this evening. I need to bust out my knitting abacus again since, well, I can’t count very well and cables don’t like it when you forget when they’re supposed to cross.

(Although I remember a couple years ago, I was reading a lot of math inspired patterns, and there was one for what I think was a cabled afghan where you rolled dice at the beginning of each row to determine whether or not to do a cable cross. It produced an irregular but very lovely pattern.)

But, enough knitting thoughts for the moment. Excuse me, I have to go upgrade someone’s MySQL database now. Work, work, work.

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  1. Donna Says:

    oooh…know what you mean about row counting with cables…working on a gift project now with a zillion cables in it…forgot to advance the row counter a few times and ended up with an ‘enhancement’ to the pattern…finally noticed it about 12 cable crossings later so had to add another ‘enhancement’ to correct it. Actually looks like a ‘feature’ now. heh heh heh…can you tell I work in software? Snicker.