More Vest Progress

I’m not spending all my time in the kitchen.


Of all the photos I’ve taken of this yarn and this piece, this most closely captures the real color of the yarn. It’s incredibly difficult to get the color right for some reason.

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  1. cryssyer Says:

    The color in this picture looks vivid and gorgeous. It’s always tough to gauge (no pun intended!) the color from an internet photo due to people’s individual settings, but this looks incredible. I am sure it will be magnificent when done. The cables are nice and tight too. I have problems with getting them so uniform, which is why I don’t use cables as much as I used to :) Looks great so far. Can’t wait to see the finished project.

  2. Laritza Says:

    Is that one big huge unique stitch marker?

  3. Miss Scarlett Says:

    “Is that one big huge unique stitch marker?”

    I was wondering the same thing — and the colour is fantastic.