It’s not all vests, you know

So, about that vest I’m working on . . . yeah, it’s not done yet. But I’m getting so close! I’ve got a mental block on picking up stitches, you see. I hate it. Haaaaate. I don’t know why – it doesn’t hurt, it’s not that hard, it’s just something that I approach with extreme trepidation. Maybe I had a traumatic pick-up accident as a child, and the repressed memory still lingers below the surface of my consciousness. Granted, that’s incredibly far-fetched. But who knows?

I didn’t take the vest with me on vacation because of size constraints. Instead, I bought some needles and yarn at Twisted Yarns in Portland (great store, go there now, buy stuff and then go to ThaiPod for lunch down the street) and used the sock chapter from a copy of Knitting Rules that Lilith lent me to free-form a sock.


And guess what? It fits *beautifully*. I can’t wait to finish its mate. But first things first – I’m back on the vest. I’ve finished the neckline and I’m almost done with the first armhole. Then it’s just weaving in and blocking.

Have I mentioned I hate weaving in and blocking, too? I am so not a Renaissance Knitter.

No Responses to “It’s not all vests, you know”

  1. Stephieface Says:

    That sock is sweet… I love the striping.

  2. Rachel Says:

    wondered where you were! I hope all goes well, especially since I have to forgive you for being in my neighborhood without so much as a ‘hidely-ho, neighborino!’ 😉

  3. Diana Says:

    Great sock! I love the diagonal striping. What yarn is it?

  4. Kath Says:

    Gahhh! Picking up stitches one of my least favorite things also! It’s mostly because it’s one of those things I have to have decent light to see what I’m doing and keep focus on. Can’t exactly do it in bar or coffeeshop, or at night in front of TV, or…you get the idea. But weaving in not so bad, maybe next time work the ends in as you go along?

  5. geeky Heather Says:

    I love how the colorway travels on that sock! It’s super-awesome!!!


  6. Donna Says:

    cool sock…i am diving into the world of sock knitting on my trip over to england in a few weeks…going to learn on the many hours of flights and layovers I will be enduring…have pattern/book and needles in hand…waiting for yarn to arrive. Woot!!!

    You feel about picking up like I feel about seaming. Blech.

  7. Jess, of the Bugs Says:

    That is a fetching and lurvley sock you have there.
    Hmm…not a Renaissance knitter, eh? I don’t see you as a Victorian knitter or really as an Edwardian knitter, though that’s more likely. Perhaps you’re a post-modern knitter. Digital age knitter?

  8. Sam Says:

    Who doesn’t hate weaving in ends? And seaming. I have a personal vendetta against seaming. >.>

  9. Miss Scarlett Says:

    Oh I hate picking up stitches – even more than I hate weaving in. I try all kinds of lame tricks to avoid the weaving.

  10. Lilith Says:

    I have a friend who *loves* seaming. The woman is nuts. 😉

  11. Cheryl Says:

    I love picking up stitches. Love love love it. I look forward to it even! My mental block is setting in sleeves. I get all worked up about that.