Kilt Pr0n – now on video!

We had a Dance Dance Revolution competition at work this week.
I won :-).

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  1. Donna Says:

    Love. It. I’m set for a few days.

  2. Miss Scarlett Says:

    That is awesome!

    The manliness of this competition. A male knitter, dancing in a kilt, to In the Navy.

    What can top this blog entry?

  3. Laritza Says:

    Your competitor need a dose of “cordinol” sold in bottles take 2-10 pills a day. Comes with coordination! I am impressed by your abilities! Love the Kilt too!

  4. cari Says:

    Wow. Who says computer geeks can’t dance?

  5. Rachel Says:

    nice moves!

  6. Sam Says:

    You have some groovy DDR skillz, man. 😉

  7. Spritely Stephanie Says:

    oh my goodness.
    Fantastic. And you really know how to grab our attention with your title :)

  8. Kat Says:

    Wow. Nice moves! Can we see you dance to YMCA tomorrow? 😉

  9. Margaret Says:

    Kinda looks like a combo of Twister and Lord of the Dance ;D

  10. Kath Says:

    ‘Scuse me while I swoon. 😉

  11. Plum Texan Says:

    Dude. I’m with Margaret. That was *so* Lord of the Dance. Tee hee!

  12. geeky Heather Says:

    Congrats!! It didn’t even look like the two of you were dancing the same song.

    I’da skooled you both, tho’. 😉

  13. Ellen-Mary Says:

    Thank you. That made my day.

  14. TheAmpuT Says:


  15. Kirsten Says:

    Wow, those are some great dance moves you have there, Sweater Project! Apparently the roominess of a kilt allows the wearer’s legs unsurpassed freedom of movement, giving you the competitive edge to triumph over your DDR foe. (It also helps that you are super-coordinated.)

  16. Stephieface Says:

    It did look like the two of you had two different songs.

    Where the heck do you work though that they have DDR competitions?! Hmmm, maybe next time you can have a Rock Band competition…. like a work based battle of the bands.

  17. Suzy Says:

    Dude, you could dance so much faster if you lost the chewing gum: it interferes with your timing. ;)I expect to see you in the next tour of Lord of the Dance too! You rock!

  18. Amanda Says:


  19. Jess, of the Bugs Says:

    You are workin’ that kilt and I see how you totally pwned the conpetition. They do not understand the *power* of the man-skirt!

  20. Barbara from Nova Scotia Says:


  21. cryssyer Says:

    Cool moves, dude! Who was working that camera? Got some serious motion sickness there for a moment :)

    Rock the Kilt!

  22. enid Says:

    Awesome footwork. 😀

  23. marnie Says:

    Dave – you are totally crazy! I’m sitting here laughing like a maniac in my office…

    Love you bro!