Puppy Sitting

Spent my weekend taking care of Beau, my mom & stepdad’s new puppah.


Although that shot does show his cuteness, this one’s a lot more representative of his normal state.


He’s rarely sitting still. He’s like an Ewok on crystal meth.

No Responses to “Puppy Sitting”

  1. Rachel Says:

    thanks for that hilarious image. both actually, the puppeh and the mental image!

  2. Heather Says:

    Is there anything quite as amusing as a small dog? I don’t know. My parents have a Bischon (spelling?) mix named Reilly, so I can relate to the ewok simile.

  3. Lee Says:

    You wouldn’t by chance remember Puppy-Uppers and Doggie Downers from SNL? No? Well before your time, I’m afraid. Your little speed freak ewok made me laugh.

  4. Heidi Says:

    Beau rocks baby!

  5. Ellen-Mary Says:

    What a cutie! My brother and his wife have a West Highland Terrier named Rhonda. I knit her an aran sweater to go with his. She is so damn adorable in it too. Small dogs get me every time.

  6. Miss Scarlett Says:

    The 2nd one is the best picture. I own a little dog not unlike Beau – what kind of a dog is he?

    Don’t worry – they settle down after 2 years!

  7. cryssyer Says:

    Adorable. Funny thing is, my parents have a toy terrier that someone gave them – named Cujo. He totally does not live up to his name, but I get the Ewok on meth joke :) Same thing.

  8. Pippy & Marcel Says:

    We love Beau!!!

  9. mom Says:

    Beau is a poodle ‘mix’; we think the mix part is kangaroo. Two years????!!!