Where to start?

So, vacation is over. Oh man, what a fun week.

I flew to Connecticut and spent the weekend with my sweetie. Bad part of long distance relationships – you very rarely get to hold your lover in your arms. Great part about long distance relationships – seeing your lover in the airport and hugging them so hard the stuffing starts coming out at the seams.

There was white stuff everywhere! It was snowing when I landed (which made for some interesting wardrobe issues – I wore a kilt on the plane and it was 70° in Texas when I took off). Since we spent most of the week in Stowe, I gradually became accustomed to the weird crunchy cold stuff beneath my boots.

Lilith took me to a Stitch ‘n Bitch near her home on Saturday morning and I got to meet a couple of her fellow craftspeople. We talked about knitting, Linux, nunchuck mittens, Anime and generally geeked out hardcore. It was lovely.

Sunday, we headed out for Vermont and commenced our tri-state yarn crawl. I finally got to visit Webs, which was just fantastic. I bought way more stuff than I really needed, ranging from nick-knacks for some of my knitting peeps here in San Antonio to yarn to some absolutely orgasmic rosewood needles (pictures of all of this stuff coming up soon, I promise). I’ll have to check my receipts to remember the names of all the yarn shops that we visited.

But wait, there’s drama . . .
Upon arriving in Stowe, we stopped at a grocery store where I bought dinner for the two of us and then found the condominium that my brother Matt had rented for the week. Nice place at the foot of the mountain – one of the ski lifts was literally in the back yard of the condo. The front desk gave us the keys to the condo and a map to the unit we were staying in, along with specific instructions not to park in any other condo’s parking spot. There are year-round residents there who get very testy when visitors take up the spaces.

Unfortunately, in the dark and snow it was impossible to make out the signs indicating which parking spot belonged to which unit, and we did indeed park in the wrong spot. The next morning we were awakened by the sound of a neighbor banging on the door. My sister in-law answered the door and we heard her getting chewed out by the neighbor who was very, very unhappy with our parking technique. Lilith got up and moved the car, and I proceeded to make us a breakfast of french toast and bacon.

Mmmmm, bacon.

On one of our subsequent trips to the grocery store, I bought some chocolate chip cookie fixings and baked a couple dozen cookies. I took a bag of them over to the neighbor, who turned out to be very pleasant when she hadn’t just woken up to find a foreign car blocking her driveway. When she saw us walking down the lane a few days later she thanked us for the cookies and we had a downright amicable chat.

See? Cookies fix everything.

We didn’t actually do any skiing on this ski trip. We did do some snowshoeing and some sledding. Lilith was resplendent in her prescription goggles, newly-knit tassel hat and snowsuit.


She did however find the snowshoeing a little exhausting. I blame the elevation.


Besides playing in the snow, we continued the yarn crawl. One of the most memorable places we visited was the Wool Shed (3 Hancock Brook Road in Worcester, VT). It’s run by Barbara and her husband Ken and their two dogs, Java and Sassafras. They have several animals including llamas, alpacas, sheep, rabbits, and goats. The animals all live in a barn behind the house/store which their son built for them. I was so impressed with the store and with Barbara’s enthusiams (she’s like Stephanie Pearl-McPhee on crack, seriously) that we went back a few days later and did an impromptu interview with her. I’ve got some video files at home that I’ll upload to YouTube tonight – the sound is a little dodgy, but it was a lot of fun.

Here’s Barbara showing us the barn, guarded closely by Java. I wanted to dognap Java but Lilith insisted I’d never get him on the plane back to Texas.


Are you looking at my butt?

Butt what?

Lilith loves the llamas, and llamas love Lilith.


Hi, I’m a goat and I approve this message.


Fuzzy heads in the barn.


No Responses to “Where to start?”

  1. geeky Heather Says:

    Sounds like a wonderful time!! This transition–

    “…hugging them so hard the stuffing starts coming out at the seams.

    There was white stuff everywhere!”

    –really amused me. =)

  2. bezzie Says:

    Ah yes, long distance relationships. The suck factor is larger but the sweetness factor is sweeter than “normal” relationships.

    Oooo…I’m having snow envy and I’ve left Texas for good!

  3. Cryssyer Says:

    Loved the fact that your sweetie posted a pic of you in a kilt walking in the snow. Surreal somehow.

    Sounds like a fabulous time! And, I am jealous of the yarn crawl. The closest I have had to yarn lately is surreptiously fondling fiber at a local craft store. Sigh!

  4. Stephieface Says:

    hehehehe llama butt.

  5. pippypippy Says:

    Looks like a great time!
    I love the pics of the animals, especially the goat. I’m on a goat thing lately.
    It is a fact that snow is only interesting for a very short time.
    Anyway, more pictures of yarny things and kickass needles, plz.