Storage debacle

So I have this friend, Isabelle, who’s got a dining room set and a futon in storage that she said I can use. I need a dining room set and an extra seat would not go amiss, so last weekend I asked my buddy Jon if he could help out with the move. He said sure, so after Stitch ‘n Bitch last Sunday, I rented a truck and went to go get the furniture.

The items are in a pretty secure storage facility, with padlocks on the containers and an access code required to get into the gate and then into the building. Isabelle helpfully swung by my place while I was at S’nB and left the keys and the code in the cute little old-fashioned, top-opening mailbox on my house’s front door.

Keys and code in pocket, I drove Jon over to the storage facility and after a little bit of wandering around, we found the container. Jon mused on what it would be like to live in one, a la Snow Crash. I thought showers would be an issue.

So we get to the container and we notice that there is not one, but there are two padlocks on the door. My keys opened up the first one, but not the second. Oy vey. I called Isabelle – are you behind on the rent, hon? Was this just some cruel joke? I left a voice mail and we waited around for a bit, but it seemed likely that this was a business issue, and unlikely to be resolved on a Sunday afternoon. Also, the truck was only $20 to rent for an hour and a half, but the price went up after that. So, slightly dispirited, we returned the truck (after, um, testing its suspension in a couple of back alleys near the storage facility) and I took Jon home. When I got back to my place, my phone buzzed with a text message. It was from Isabelle. “I left two sets of keys in the mailbox.”

I reached my hand down into the mailbox and sure enough, there was another set of keys.

Q. Where’s the best place to bury pirate treasure?
A. Underneath other pirate treasure.

I didn’t know that I was looking for two sets of keys, so when my fingers found the first one, I stopped looking. I’ve seen this pattern pop up in life a couple of times – it was a theme in an Encyclopedia Brown story that I loved as a kid, and I’ve seen it in several web server configuration problems. (Hm, Apache won’t start . . . let’s try commenting out this obviously broken line. Nope, still won’t start – Oh, look, the same broken line is a few pages down in the file!)

So, we’re going to try that again soon.

My buddy Mark helped lift my spirits later in the evening by asking me to assist with a photo shoot he did of some goth urban belly-dancers. (On the scariest freaking bridge in San Antonio.)

Soon to come: a sock! And the beginning of a new set of kilt hose!

No Responses to “Storage debacle”

  1. janna Says:

    I’m guessing y’all weren’t supposed to be on that bridge? Is it over there by the stockyards?

  2. Kath Says:

    Errr…”goth urban belly dancers”??? Exsqueeze me?

  3. bezzie Says:

    I would have stopped digging at one set too. But I would have probably ringed both keys together. Oof.

  4. Margaret Says:

    Umm,…here’s an idea…STAY OFF THAT BRIDGE! Were you not petrified?!

  5. Ellen-Mary Says:

    You’re right: scary bridge. Why were you guys photographing goth urban bellydancers?

  6. Amanda Says:

    Yep, that’s a scary bridge, but it’s beautiful. I’ve got a thing for old bridges and barns.

  7. Miss Scarlett Says:

    I agree – the bridge is scary, but really beauitful. It’s amazing to me how plants and grasses find enough soil to grow in the tiniest of spaces.

    Did the Urban Goth Bellydancers dance? Or was it just portraits?

    Something similar happened to me when moving with a roommate. We were given 2 sets of keys by the landlord and we thought they were a set each. My roommate went to work and I was doing the moving with friends. We got there slightly ahead of the truck to find out that there were 2 seperate locks on the house and each set of keys was made up of 2 of the same key. At least it wasn’t raining.