A couple of skeins, an FO and a WIP walk into a bar . . .

When I was in Stowe with my brother and my girlfriend a few weeks back, I took the opportunity to enhance my stash. I also got a little knitting done.

First up, stash enhancement. I got some home-grown, home-spun grey wool at The Wool Shed. I intend to make some heavy-duty kilt hose out of this stuff.

Wool Shed Yarn

I also got some gorgeous, very Autumnal Magallanes from Northeast Fiber Arts Center near Burlington. I’m making a scarf using the Yarn Harlot’s One-Row Scarf pattern.

Autumnal Magallanes

I also picked up some Northern Lights from Green Mountain Spinnery. I think i’m going to make some Fetchings with it.

Northern Lights

While we were in Stowe I finished the first sock for my friend Dawn, using the Firefly yarn from Amanda.

Firefly Sock

And I started up some more kilt hose. Hopefully the garter on this pair will be snug enough to keep them up without using anything tied around my knees – I have to do that with both pairs of kilt hose I’ve got right now, and it cuts into my circulation.

Toirneach Kilt Hose

Tomorrow I’m treating myself to a long bike ride, after which I intend to sit down with one of my three WIPs and make some progress.

No Responses to “A couple of skeins, an FO and a WIP walk into a bar . . .”

  1. janna Says:

    I remember using rubber bands to hold up my knee socks when I was about 10. Talk about cutting off your circulation!

    Do you knit elastic thread in at the top? I’ve seen that done, but have no idea if it works….

  2. TheAmpuT Says:

    I haven’t knit elastic thread in (but what a great idea), but I have sewn it in after the fact on items of clothing that have stretched. Worked like a charm.

  3. bezzie Says:

    Oh! That Northern Lights yarn is spot on–can’t wait to see what that looks like knit up.

  4. Kath Says:

    Hmmm…so ya think you’ll wanna live in that “heavy-duty kilt house” after you’ve made it? (Couldn’t resist – sorry!) 😉

  5. Miss Scarlett Says:

    The Northern Lights looks perfect for Fetching.

    Your new kilt house is beautiful – is that ok to say about such manly attire?