Cookies make everything better

Bleargh – I’m coming down with a cold again. I swear I have got the weakest constitution of anyone I’ve ever known. If anyone so much as says “virus” at me, I get sick.

So I’m taking modest amounts of orange juice, checking my blood sugar and cleaning up around the house. I finally erased most of the evidence of the other night’s explosion, so this afternoon I’m going to put the kitchen to a less potentially destructive use: making another batch of chocolate chip cookies.

It turns out the recipe they print on the Toll House ™ brand of chocolate chips really kicks ass. I like to add chopped pecans as the nuts. I’ve made this recipe several times now to take into the office, and there’s never any left over at the end of the day.

And once the house is smelling of fresh-baked cookies, I’m going to sit here and turn a heel. I’ve been neglecting all my “serious” knitting for the One-Row scarf lately:



Cookies accomplished. Have a cookie.

Fresh-Baked Cookies

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  1. Donna Says:

    ooh…yes..can’t go wrong with the recipe off the chocolate bits bag….my office (when I had one) literally inhaled them. Spence and I could never make enough!

    I’ve been fighting a bug off and on for 2 weeks now…HATE IT. Think i’ll make some cookies…that sounds damn good….

  2. Visionsister Says:

    The Toll House recipe made with real butter and real vanilla. Can’t beat that!

  3. Kath Says:

    Well I’m a big fan of cookies of ANY variety so thank you – I’ll take two if you don’t mind!

    My last cold was treated with liberal doses of the chicken soup from Mr. Ning’s – they put big chunks of ginger in it. Mmmmmmm. And a few years ago I tried an experiment with cold beer, chips and salsa. Didn’t really do anything for the cold – but I definitely felt better for a little while!

  4. amanda Says:




  5. Miss Scarlett Says:

    Oh man – Spring cold season. I literally work with a bunch of snot nosed kids. Sorry to hear you’re catching it again.

    Cookies help — maybe not the milk though. 😉

  6. Lee Says:

    OK, as many colds as you get I’m going to make a recommendation: go to an Asian market and pick up some Yin Chiao. It’s in a green and white box, and they’ll have it at the counter with the other remedies. It’s in little vials. Take 2 tabs 4 times a day, and take it at the onset of something viral. It won’t do you as much good once your cold is established.
    When I was on a mission trip in Honduras, I did my own little field trial with the stuff. The local folks all had a viral pharyngitis, and we all caught it. I offered yin chiao to everyone, and about half the group accepted. Those who took the yin chiao got over the crud in about 48 hours. Those who took nothing but tylenol, motrin, etc. spent the rest of the week w/ a sore throat and body aches. Good luck!

  7. Plum Texan Says:

    “It turns out the recipe they print on the Toll House ™ brand of chocolate chips really kicks ass.”

    I never realized this was in question…though I prefer girl cookies, myself, so I leave out the pecans.

    I too am fighting my second cold in short succession. Verily, it doth suck. I have an appointment with a neti pot later…whatever you go for, hope it works quickly.

  8. Jess, of the Bugs Says:

    C is for Cookie, That good enough for me.

    (The Crisco recipe is also a winner)

  9. Lynn Says:

    Are there any left? Damn. I knew I needed to get here earlier.

    Any chance that you’ll bake me a batch of my very own?

  10. LisaK Says:

    YUM!!! Can I have a cup of tea too? What kind is in the teapot?