Sometimes, when I’m bored, I do evil things

So, years and years ago, I read about an algorithm called Markov chaining that is used for stochastic modelling. Without going into details about what that actually means (check the Wikipedia article), it can be used to analyze a body of text and then generate new text that is similar to the original. The more input you have, the better.

I always thought about setting up a blog that would crawl other knitting blogs and generate posts this way. Today, what with things being a little slow, I went ahead and got it working.

Here’s a sample of The Yarn Harlot’s work, transmogrified:

I think you could just knit one side of the loss of Janine, and it did and that it may not be long enough to justify it.
Ask and ye shall receive.
My lovely and charming Mother-in-law Carol dropped by, fresh from a tree.
When he sees me advance on “his” fleece, he springs from the book…or so they tell me.
I was drunk on my Morehouse Merino , for those who don’t, and that there is time and buy the leftover wool.
That’s what I do.
I think they might be the answer, and I were to knit presents for our secular school to have fantasies about tiny little voices should be obvious from point #2, Joe will not ask me for the “Hymn to Freedom” …signing and singing her little heart out.
When I returned, the water emitting a cloud of citrus scented goat stink that will exceed any “I told you the spinning is boring (Hint – I don’t control when babies are born), but when I wake up there’s still no end in sight?
So then you know that this kind of way.
Yesterday, when this yarn to make it work.
I still believe that perhaps I could be different enough for there to dry.
This is Claudia, standing in front of Countrywool, her shop in Hudson NY.
I can’t wait to share my celebration with you.
(I bet there will be met with open mocking, pointing and laughing.
It is also wondering “What the (* & ^!
Joe and I feel better.
Stupid sweater.

And here’s a slight alteration of Jess, of the Bugs:

I think your rye’s gone ergot, Sir John.
Cotton has been used in the future, so perhaps I’ll get one up here when I finish a new one.
I’m learning how to use the program, but there’s something nice about the hand drawn ones.
They’re…special to me it appears “normal.”
That means, of course, when I do, it’s usually work-related.
I also took some pictures of knitting and such for me this year.
I’ve started on the above-mentioned butterfly and the Amazon is about halfway through two sleeves at once.
Lest you think ol’ Kade’s a slacker, check out the relative size (below).
They should be ready just in time for summer.
I’m rather pleased with this one.
I’ve got a few rounds of the variation in knitters and should not be able to get a picture of the meadow socks.
Any other February, I’d have already finished and cast on these two things for the Harlot.
I’ll be able to get a picture of my weaving project and the last is a technical work by a local artist of the rest of the actual butts now that I now know more about plant fibers than is probably healthy for any individual.
Edit: I was explaining to a non-knitter how I’ve sworn off lace for a while.
After I explained that the purple had started to fade, so I have been made to the two projects for the semester.
I did a count of cowboy hats, kilts, and street guitars.
Here’s last year’s count.
And this year’s follows: 17 Cowboy hats 1 kilt (though anecdotal evidence brings the number of woven squares I’m doing to 15, considering the weight of the abdomen today, so hopefully I’ll be able to tell, but the balls of brown I had muscles and my flowering plants collection is finished and turned in.
*whew* Forgive me if I seem a little too small.
I sometimes have trouble judging the size of things.
Socks and mittens and such for me are tiny, but to me in a weird kind of pinky color over brown, called “orchid,”
then there’s a bright purple and some PINK that was applied to pre-lightened hair.

I’m going to that special corner of hell reserved for text manglers.

5 Responses to “Sometimes, when I’m bored, I do evil things”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    it bears a creepy resemblance to stream of consciousness poetry, doesn’t it?

  2. Lissa Says:

    I bow to your geekitude. That’s awesome fun.

  3. Kath Says:

    That’s a little scary. What does it take to persuade you to use your powers for good instead of evil?

  4. mom Says:

    Are you nuts?? I passed calculus and this makes no sense!

  5. =Tamar Says:

    Somebody else beat you to it. Try using Google without safesearch – there are dozens of false sites that seem to have been made that way.