Knitting and Derby

Finally, evidence of knitting! I’m working on the Toirneach kilt hose again and they’re coming along nicely.


I also had the opportunity to see the splendid Alamo City Roller Girls in action again this weekend. The Oklahoma Victory Dolls were visiting for a match against the Dragon Divas. The Divas lost the bout, unfortunately, but they made good account of themselves. Pleasure to Beat You in particular did a fantastic job – almost every jam, she sent the Victory Dolls’ jammer into the wall. The poor woman was exhausted by the end of the bout.

Pleasure to Beat You!

Gotta love the derby.

Also, what Juno said.

3 Responses to “Knitting and Derby”

  1. bezzie Says:

    Wow, did you take that shot? Amazing! (The roller girls, not your foot 😉 )

  2. Ellen-Mary Says:

    Nice sock! Great photo!

    And yes, it sucks to realize that there’s not much difference between the so-called democrats and the so-called republicans.

  3. Pippy Says:

    Excellent roller derby action shot! Really nice.