Random bits of updates

Welcome to Random Tuesday!

First, I squeed this morning when I checked the ACRG website. They used one of my pictures for the background of the promo for their next event! I’m very happy about that.

Second, I wrote to the folks at Knitty to see if extending Knitomaton to load Knitty patterns will fall within their terms of use. The patterns on Knitty are copyrighted – they’re free as in beer, not as in speech, so I can’t just download them and store them on my server. We’ll see what they say.

Third, my buddy Kevin disabused me of my erroneous belief that the iPhone/iPod Touch SDK is not free – turns out it is. My Objective C is very, very rusty – I think I might have written a Hello World app in it once. But apparently I do have the resources at my disposal to make an application for the iPhone/iPod Touch that does the same thing as Knitomaton. So, I guess I see where my free time is going to be used in the foreseeable future.

3 Responses to “Random bits of updates”

  1. Kris Says:

    The SDK is free, but you can only run the code on an emulator (not the phone) unless you pay. You also can only distribute code in the store if you pay for the SDK ($99), and code has to be distributed through the store (even freeware) to be installed on a phone (legally). I’m personally waiting for Android, though I doubt I’d personally code anything…

  2. Jill Smith Says:


  3. Lola LB Says:

    There’s still that pesky NDA issue – there’s quite a few unhappy developers grousing about this issue. Check ArsTechnica and Daring Fireball, to name a few blogs posting aout this.