I spoke too soon

What I said previously about spending my free time working on improving Knitomaton . . . yeah, well, I spoke too soon.

Turns out the test for Level 3 Systems Administrator at work is going to be this Saturday. I think I’m almost to the point where I can pass it this time. Passing means a higher pay grade, respect of my peers, and the chance to work on increasingly broken systems. (Those are all positives.) So instead of learning more CSS and Javascript, I’m going to be studying the Linux boot process, RAID configurations and various other areas where my knowledge isn’t as strong as it should be.

Wish me luck and send low-carb cupcakes.

7 Responses to “I spoke too soon”

  1. Jill Smith Says:

    Much luck and imaginary cupcakes to you!

  2. janna Says:

    Good luck! I took cupcakes to work today — I think there are still a couple in the staff break room, if you get the notion to drive 19 hours…

  3. enid Says:

    Good Luck. 😀 How about cupcakes afta?

  4. Hilary Says:

    Loads of luck, D! And cupcakes! Are you low-carb-ing or cos of the sugar content?

    BTW, did you get my email? Sometimes they don’t make it, it’s a very spammy server and gets blacklisted…

  5. Jonathan Says:

    Best of luck, fellow computer dictator!

  6. Lee Says:

    Wishing you a maximum of study time, a minimum of distractions, the ability to maintain focus, and enough cupcakes to keep your perspective. Luck is attracted to the prepared.

  7. Ellen-Mary Says:

    I wish you all the best of luck. I’m fascinated by people who can wrap their brains around computer programming whatchamacallits. Obviously, I’m not one of them.

    And I’d gladly send forth some scrumptious low-carb cupcakes but I don’t know where to send them. So pretend I did.