Well, I flunked my exam.
The first part of the exam this morning was the most humiliating hour and a half in recent memory. I threw everything in my head at three broken Linux servers that wouldn’t boot up properly, and I was unable to fix any of them. That cost me thirty points.
In the second part of the exam, I pretty easily fixed every problem except one – but missing that one was fatal. You need 70% to pass the exam, so I couldn’t afford to miss any of the problems.

So much for getting a promotion this year. Once I’m not feeling so grumpy, I’m going to remind myself that the exam has helped me highlight the portions of my knowledge that need work, and I’ll start setting up test servers to break and repair.


7 Responses to “Unix FAIL”

  1. scoutj Says:

    oh no! I’m sorry. :(

  2. David Says:

    Glad you are taking it so philosophically.
    Wishing better days ahead.

  3. enid Says:

    sorry dude!

  4. Kath Says:

    Oh damn – that sucks. You need a treat!

    Can you find someone else who wants to take the exam also and trade off the break & repair? In other words, the other person breaks it, you fix it and then switch roles. Maybe even set it up as a competition? That kind of thing has worked for me in the past.

  5. Lee Ann Says:

    Spiff wants to know what was broken…

    Because he says the test sounds like fun. I’ll bash him over the head with an alpaca skein for you, if you like…

  6. amanda Says:

    I’m sorry :( goodies are on their way….

  7. Wendy Says: