Been a long time

I am depressed. Deeply, horribly, I-can’t-fucking-take-this-anymore depressed.
Time to learn something.

18 Responses to “Been a long time”

  1. Cory Says:

    Learn something that makes money. :)

    (I finally started violin lessons with your old violin, btw)

  2. Ellen-Mary Says:

    Good idea. Action is a good antidote for depression.

  3. bezzie Says:

    Yup. It’s good to wallow, for a while…but not too long.

  4. Corrina Says:

    I never have good advice for these sorts of things. But sometimes it’s enough to know that someone else has been there and clawed their way out.

  5. Kris Says:

    Sorry you’re having a rough time. :( I don’t really know what to say either, but figured a lame comment was better than nothing. Hope this is short-lived.

  6. janna Says:

    Yeah. Well. Stay busy. Learning something is a good idea. Keep your mind occupied with new stuff. Hang in there…

  7. enid Says:

    Take a martial art.
    Good way to relieve stress
    heh…. I’m thinking i should take my own advice.

    i know of this awesome place down the street from us, were my son and hubby go. The atmosphere is very relaxed and family like.

    or you can borrow my mandolin. Then you can teach me. All i know is a very slow “John Henry” LOL.

  8. Hilary Says:

    Sorry to hear it, sweetie. You’re right though – action is much better than sitting around thinking. The martial arts suggestion (above) is a good one, I think! … See you soon-ish, I hope!
    H xx

  9. Michelle Says:

    I can send you a drop spindle, then you can make your own yarn for hose.

  10. Cheryl Says:

    If you find something that works, let me know.

  11. Lee Says:

    when I get like that, which fortunately isn’t too often, I look for something to change. It can be a small something or a big something, but whatever it is it needs to be necessary. Like the day I decided I needed to learn Spanish to improve my life (details unnecessary). Within four hours I had found a language school and bought a plane ticket to Guatemala. Even small changes can alter your entire life if they alter your inner landscape. This feeling will propel you to a better place in your life, so hang in there.

  12. Lynn Says:

    Are you saying you want to learn something specific – weaving overshot, identifying ferns, sky-diving – or are you saying that YOU need to learn something from all the poop you’ve just been through? Or if you’re seriously depressed and that happens often in your life, or friends have commented about it, then go see the doc about getting checked for depression. If you need something new to learn, anything’ll do. If you need to learn more about yourself, well, that’s the hard part. I’m not good at it myself. Try writing things down. Try looking at stuff you’ve done well, and deducing what sort of person you must be if you are the sort who can do X. Talk to people.

    In the meantime, eat well, see friends, walk a lot, and take your vitamins.

    “Yes, Mom.”

    I heard that eye-rolling, young man.

  13. Lynn Says:

    Just re-read your post. Go see a doctor. I’m worried about you.

  14. Kath Says:

    Okay, your first two sentences are scary and have me concerned. I’m seconding Lynn’s post and adding on that it’d be really nice to get an update with more info.

  15. Administrator Says:

    I’m okay, I swear!

    Here’s the response I e-mailed Lynn:

    Thank you, I appreciate your concern.

    What I meant by that last post was I need to learn something new.
    I’ve learned over time that making myself get engaged in something and
    learning is a very good way to get myself out of depression. When I
    was younger and depression hit, it would put me into a state of
    despair and I’d think that there was no way it would ever get better.

    Now that I’m older and have a little more experience, I realize that’s
    not true – it always does get better. I just need to shake the funk
    I’m in right now. And the funk-shaking began last night right after I
    wrote that post. I sat down with my laptop and a grilled cheese
    sandwich and worked out how to dynamically change parts of a CSS style
    with Javascript. Everything else fell away, I stopped focusing on how
    bad I felt, and I woke up this morning feeling a little bit better.

    I’m going to be okay, I promise.

  16. Hilary Says:

    Good! This was me checking back in to make sure I hadn’t blithely suggested you take a Tai Chi class when I should actually have made you get your a$$ to a doctor, stat! 😉 Glad to hear you’re doing ok, even if you never do reply to my emails. Miss you!
    H x

  17. Mark Says:

    Let’s make a movie. Seriously.

  18. Suzy Says:

    I think Mark has a super idea. Include the first knitting injury…that would be a good intro. don’t you think? I still think you should write a book! 😉