Pardon me

In response to some of the comments and e-mails I got from the last post – I sincerely apologize for the brevity of the post.
I was not trying to say anything sinister. I’ve had problems with depression in the past, but I’ve gotten old enough and experienced enough to know that things always get better. And one of the best ways to wrench my brain out of a depressive state is to force myself to learn something new. Seriously – the act of learning something new makes your brain focus on the task at hand and shields it from all the extraneous crap that’s dragging it down.
What I did was open up the Knitomaton code and figure out how to dynamically replace the CSS (cascading style sheets) settings with new information. I haven’t published it yet, but I got a prototype working on my laptop where you can click on a new style name and change the colors that are used for the highlighting.
I really appreciate all the supportive comments I got. Thank you, everyone. I’m engaging my brain and feeling much better. And with any luck I’m going to make some money out of this latest endeavor – I plan to write a version of Knitomaton with more features for the iPhone/iTouch store and sell it commercially. The online version of Knitomaton will remain available for free, and I’ll continue to improve it, but I figure if I can put some effort into making it a useful application for knitters and crocheters, it won’t hurt to make a couple of bucks off of it.

I’ll spend it on therapy, I promise.

10 Responses to “Pardon me”

  1. Mark Says:

    I still say we should make a movie! :-)

    Glad you are feeling better.

  2. Lynn Says:

    What, you’d rather fiddle with CSSes than buy more yarn?! Hmm, maybe there really is something wrong with you. [kidding. mostly.]

  3. scoutj Says:

    I’m glad you know yourself well enough to know what you need to do to feel better. How about come on over to Abq for a visit!?

  4. Cory Wright Says:

    That sounds like a great idea. 😉 Good luck with it!

  5. spoonix Says:

    Wait…. you’re not learning Objective C, are you?

    Dear God, man!

    If you weren’t listening to Linkin Park or Papa Roach and writing death poetry before, you soon will be.

  6. Bee Says:

    Or you can spend your profits on cupcakes … they’re way more therapeutic than counseling ;~)

    (I’m leaving off the low-carb part from a couple posts back because that was SO wrong for you to say— I’m into eating well and all, but that’s a hell-to-the-no!)

  7. Michelle Says:

    You get that working, I’m totally going to have to buy an iPhone. I’ll still send the drop spindle if you want, then you can spend it on fiber :-)

  8. marnie Says:

    Dave –

    1) What Scout said!
    2) I’m with you about learning new stuff…. how about Italian?
    3) Love youy Bro. Gonna check out the Knitomaton… and next time you have GOT to come with us to San Miguel!
    ( )
    \/ M

  9. Miss Scarlett Says:

    Fantastic to know what to do for your depression – the other thing is to do it! I’m impressed that you know yourself so well. Wish I could say the same…

    Not only will it help ease depression, learning something new keeps you young and your brain elastic!

  10. Pippypippy Says:

    Marcel is keesink you.
    We don’t know about the geek stuff but hey, whatever works, right?