More glorious derby action

The Alamo City Rollergirls had another bout on Sunday, which I was honored to attend and document. The Prim Reapers played the Dragon Divas and there was much excitement and some final tragedy at the end. Atta Miway took a hard fall into the wall at the very end of the game which resulted in a very painful injury to her back. We’re still waiting on word for what the nature of the injury is exactly, but I swung by the ER yesterday and talked briefly with her boyfriend. The doctors don’t think she’s got any permanent nerve damage – we’ll know more soon, hopefully.

DSC_0285.jpg(This is GoGo Ballistic, my new derby crush)



One Response to “More glorious derby action”

  1. Jess, of the Bugs Says:

    it’s a six-girl pileup! Oh, no, Brer Bear, don’t throw me into *that* briar patch!