Rehearsing is good

Last night I showed up for roller derby practice. No, I’m not signing up – the goatee and beard would pretty much give me away. I was trying to fix a problem I’ve been having with the pictures I’ve been shooting for them.

At the last shoot (available here), I got 47 usable exposures out of about 250 taken. Granted, shooting rapidly moving subjects in a low-light situation isn’t easy to start with, but I’m really unhappy with that ratio. So I took my gear and my camera manual to the rink and tried out a couple of new settings on the camera to try and optimize the autofocus system. I used the lowest resolution setting on my camera so I had about 1,600 available exposures to play with. And by the end of the night I got some settings that seem to be working out better.

I’m not sure yet when the next bout will be, but stay tuned. Hopefully the next shoot will have more keepers.

Also, in knitting news, I took the plunge and bought a couple of big balls of the new Noro sock yarn. I decided I need some kilt hose with some more color in them. I started swatching Saturday night and I’m very happy with the way it’s working up so far. This is the 70/30 wool/nylon blend in kind of a muted rainbow colorway. It feels like barbed wire coming out of the ball but it feels much, much softer when it’s knit up. Pics of the swatch and the current kilt ho progress soon.

One Response to “Rehearsing is good”

  1. Kath Says:

    Umm…besides the facial hair before trying out for a team you may want to consider that what they’re wearing on the bottom half appears to be a tad skimpier than your kilts.

    I haven’t succumbed to the Noro yet – life is just too short for yarn that isn’t fun to knit with and there are so many yarns out there!