And regarding that other hobby . . .

That being photography. It got upgraded from hobby to second profession last Friday when a friend of mine gave me a semi-panicked call at work. She’s the personal assistant to a local businessman who was planning the surprise birthday party for his wife. They’re a very organized and stylish couple and the birthday was being held at a local fine restaurant. The guests had been invited, the place had been booked, menu arranged, everything was in place.

Until the photographer who’d been booked flaked. My friend called me up to ask if I could find a stand-in on short notice. I e-mailed one of my co-workers who does professional engagements, but by the close of business I hadn’t gotten a reply from him, so I said I’d step up and do the job.

To make a long evening short, the shoot went well. The party-goers were a fun bunch and the staff of the restaurant were more than accommodating. They even let me sample a chocolate truffle left over after plating the desserts. I ate half of it and blurted out “Oh my fucking god” before I thought. Luckily, the hostess nodded vigorously and said “Yeah, like that.”

Dessert plates:

The clients were very happy with the photos and I handed out a couple of cards at the event.

I wasn’t actually all that satisfied with the shots I took. I need to learn how to use my speedlight better in close-packed interiors. There were too many pictures that had noticeable glare from the flash, or where the foreground subjects were over-illuminated and the background subjects were too dark. But at least I learned what the problems in the photos were, so I can start learning to correct them.

So it was a fun, educational, and profitable evening. I’m very stoked.

4 Responses to “And regarding that other hobby . . .”

  1. Plum Texan Says:

    Congrats! Sounds like a nice way to get started.

    Also, I think most civilized people can forgive an f-bomb in the presence of transcendent chocolate truffles.

  2. Ellen-Mary Says:

    Very cool! Until you work out the flash thingie Photoshop is good for fixing the overexposed look. To a point anyway.

    The truffles sound wonderful. Sometimes chocolate does that to you. We call it a ‘mouthgasm’. You almost need to be alone with the chocolate it’s so good. Fortunately, all the best people understand that.

  3. amanda Says:

    Yeah, you *so* need to move up here and do my photography. I’ll pay you in chocolate!

  4. Kath Says:

    Great to get an opportunity like that – who knows what it could lead to???

    I’m sure the hostess was happy that you said it before her, and thereby saved her from any displays of unladylike language! Quite chivalrous of you actually.