Versatility Done! (Well, nearly)

It’s not ready to be handed over to the recipient yet because of the conspicuous lack of buttons. But the knitting is all done.


This turned out to be a very quick and fun project. I think I might do another one.

13 Responses to “Versatility Done! (Well, nearly)”

  1. Kath Says:

    Wow – I had no idea it was that quick of a knit! Well done!

    I don’t recall seeing it worn in that particular way on the pattern page but it IS called Versatility! Perhaps the designer will add the “manly man” styling.

  2. Administrator Says:


    Thanks! I had to go with the sash-style wrap because I’m a little more girthsome than most women . . . I don’t think most configurations would work on me.

    Go knit one- NOW! It really is surprisingly quick.

  3. Kat Says:

    Quick? With all that texture? I just may have to cast on.

  4. Plum Texan Says:

    I do appreciate a gentleman who keeps his promises. 😉 Quite gorgeous wrap, too!

  5. bezzie Says:

    Oh man, that’s a gorgeous green too. Guess I didn’t realize how much from all the progress shots!

  6. Ellen-Mary Says:

    My, don’t you look pretty!

    That really is a beautiful green. I’m just as suprised as everyone else at how fast you knit that up. I liked it when I saw it on Knitty but I thought it would be a big time investment. Now I’m rethinking that. Whoever the recipient is she’s a lucky lady. Nice job.

  7. Gillian Says:

    Very nice.

  8. amanda Says:

    1) That method of wearing is not officially sanctioned. Neither are any other pattern modifications–i.e. you *must* knit all the bobbles

    2) Yes, you all must go knit one. Now!

    Thank you
    -The Knitting Police

  9. Administrator Says:

    Ack! Busted!

  10. Stephieface Says:


  11. geeky Heather Says:

    <3 ! I must go knit one now….

  12. Pippy Says:

    Oooh. Very pretty!

  13. Debbie Says:

    I hesitated to start this, but seeing the finished project, I will work on this one next! Did you find any cool buttons for this at Rhinebeck?? It was very nice meeting you, by the way :)