Crap, I better write a lesson plan

My friend VanillaBee just pointed out that I’m teaching a class at Kid ‘n Ewe next month. I nearly forgot about that. In the next month or so I need to work up a lesson plan and make sure that there’s going to be appropriate AV facilities at the fair.

I also need to start practicing what I preach. I have been a bad knitting photographer lately – not checking my white balance and not using a tripod to stabilize my shots. At least I’m getting the exposure right.

4 Responses to “Crap, I better write a lesson plan”

  1. bezzie Says:

    Oo! Kid n’Ewe sounds like it’s come a long way since I went. I don’t know if they even offered classes in 06!

  2. Kath Says:

    That sounds like a great workshop! I bet if they had something like that at Stitches West it’d be a sell-out. I know I’d sign up!

  3. Jess, of the Bugs Says:


    Frikkin’ grad school and frikkin’ grad school pay!

  4. chris Says:

    Sigh . . . I wish I could go to Kid n Ewe this year! I’d been planning on it, but the universe is conspiring against me this time around.