Holiday Wheel Breakdown

One of the cool new things I saw at Rhinebeck this year was the Holiday Wheel by Norm Parks. Sadly, Mr. Parks does not appear to have a website yet, but you can see the wheel in this photoset that I have up on Flickr.

As I understand it, the wheel can be built with two ratios and it breaks down small enough to fit in a medium-sized tote bag. All the spinners whom I saw working on it reported that its action was very smooth. I believe Michelle’s going to take hers with her to Alaska next time she goes moose hunting (I’m not even kidding).

Here’s Michelle beginning the breakdown:


6 Responses to “Holiday Wheel Breakdown”

  1. Jess, of the Bugs Says:

    That is made of awesome. We wants one, precious.

  2. Michelle Says:

    I got an email that Norm bought the wood for my new wheel! I can’t wait! And yes, it’s small enough to toss in a backpack and take hunting, though I think I’ll leave it at the lodge.

  3. Ellen-Mary Says:

    Ooooh! Aaaaah! Pretty!

  4. bezzie Says:

    I’ve only been moose tracking–much more fun when alive and stoned.

    Gah, the cute-factor is almost enough to win me over.

  5. Mary Says:

    I had a conversation with my best spinner friend about this wheel. She spins on a small but still full-sized Ashford and on several drop spindles. I said why buy this when you could just put a spindle in your bag and she said speed but that she wouldn’t buy this as a second wheel but as an only wheel. Is that where y’all are heading with this? is it meant to be an only wheel for frequent traveling spinners or as a second one? I just want a wheel period. :-)

  6. Lynda Says:

    I want one of those….I think I could make this work on the truck and could be doing some spinning instead of the drooling that I’ve been doing.