I know I’m going to regret this

But here’s evidence that I really do shave with a straight razor, and I really haven’t killed myself yet.

And that I do silly things with my eyebrows when I shave.

21 Responses to “I know I’m going to regret this”

  1. Jill Smith Says:

    The silly things you do with your eyebrows have nothing on the silly things my husband does with his cheeks.

  2. Margaret Says:

    As long as you don’t shave your eyebrows by mistake, you’re ok.

  3. jay Says:

    You shave? Since when?

  4. denise Says:

    Alas, no “Sweeney Todd” action. . .:-)

  5. Heather Says:

    I personally thing the eyebrow waggle is a nice touch 😉

  6. Kath Says:

    Jeebers! Okay, that’s mildly terrifying to watch – I cannot imagine waving a sharp implement around like that first thing in the morning. Seems awfully dangerous to me!

  7. Barbara from Nova Scotia Says:

    You’re such a tease! But if you really wanted our attention, you could have omitted the robe. Just saying.

  8. nicole Says:

    I agree with Barbara.

  9. Ellen-Mary Says:

    I think Barbara is on to something. Maybe you could lose the robe and wear the kilt. Yeah, that would work. :)

  10. Michelle Says:

    Wow… you make that look really easy. How large a learning curve did that have???? And I’ll agree with the lose the robe :)

  11. Barbara from Nova Scotia Says:

    HEHEHEh Every brilliant idea gets a following, didn’t you know?

  12. mary Says:

    i think i do that with my eyebrows while knitting. but why film it? You needed evidence that you really do go for the jugular every time you shave?

  13. Barbara from Nova Scotia Says:

    Oh, and originally I mentioned off with the robe because it was my birthday, after all.

  14. Administrator Says:

    Happy Birthday Barbara!!!

    I’ll take the losing-the-bathrobe requests under advisement. There are underage people visiting this site, you know.

  15. Lynn Says:

    So get those underage peoples started out right – lose the robe, you hear?

    Unless you shave your chest. Or back. Or the tops of your toes. That sight I can do without.

  16. Stephieface Says:

    Scary! Exciting!

    Another vote for kilt action… but you knew that 😉

  17. marnie Says:

    Dave, you’re the weirdest person I know. I mean that in a good way.

  18. whichendisup Says:

    Are you ambidextrous with all things or just shaving, I noticed that you move the razor from one hand to the other when you switch sides. So, out of curiousity, did you just wake up one day and say, “geez, ya know what? I think I should video myself shaving and post it to the blog” or did you plan it? =D

  19. enid Says:

    I laughed so hard when you did the second cheek. The eyebrows killed me.

    I’m sorry.
    But Thanks I really needed that tonight. 😀

  20. cryssyer Says:

    I have to say, this was interesting. I’ve never seen anyone shave with a real straight razor. It was terrifying and thrilling to watch….
    oh, and I think the loss of the robe thing is not going to hurt your juvenile audience as we can’t see too far down anyway 😛

  21. Miss Scarlett Says:

    Yeah – the robe could go. 😉
    That’s pretty awesome how easy you make that look…I was wondering if it would work for ladies to shave their legs?

    I do that kind of eyebrow thing when I put eye makeup on!