One more lap


I have survived yet another lap around the sun. And in commemoration of that feat, I got the following presents today.

Last night my mother and my stepfather presented me with a piece of pottery that I had asked for. Several months ago, I baked a big batch of cookies to share with my co-workers. I took those cookies in to work in a box that previously housed a six-pack of Anchor Steam beer. It was workable enough, but the people I work with deserve better.

So I got a cookie jar.

Cookie Jar

Then today when I got home, I found two packages waiting for me on my doorstep. One was a gift from my dear friend Amanda, who knows me all too well.

Firefly Stitch Markers

(If you’re not a Firefly fan, those may not make a lot of sense.)

I also got a present from Jess of the Bugs a while ago while we were doing a little stash-swap. She’s a creative and whimsical woman, which I really appreciate.

yarn permit.jpg

I’m legal. Watch out – you never know what I might have under my kilt now.

And finally, my order from Briar Rose came in! I’m counting this as Rhinebeck yarn, since I fell in love with this colorway there, but she didn’t have enough of it in stock for me to get as much as I’d need for a sweater.

Briar Rose Legend

I’m designing a sweater especially for this yarn. If there’s enough left over I’ll make a matching pair of kilt hose. I’m becoming an awfully selfish knitter, making all this stuff for myself. But it’s my birthday, so I’m not going to stress over it too much.

18 Responses to “One more lap”

  1. Stephieface Says:

    Happy Birthday!

  2. Lynn Says:

    Hey, happy birthday! Nice haul! Especially that Briar Rose (lust, lust).

  3. bezzie Says:

    I love the jar! And hee hee a CYP…

  4. amysatx Says:

    Happy birthday-belated! Love the Briar Rose!! Mmmm cookies!!!!

  5. enid Says:

    Happy Birthday!

  6. Ellen-Mary Says:

    Happy Birthday from a fellow Browncoat. Many happy returns of the day. Had I known I’d have knitted you a Jayne hat.

    That yarn is gorgeous. I can’t wait to see the sweater.

  7. Mary Says:

    Happy birthday fellow Scorpio! You’ll have to wear the sweater to Rhinebeck 2009 and walk around advertising for Briar Rose (perhaps you might get some free yarn to put under your kilt)!

  8. geeky Heather Says:

    Happy birthday! Can’t wait to see what you come up with for the sweater! BTW, my XBox Live motto has been “Can’t stop the signal” for quite a while. =)

  9. Barbara from Nova Scotia Says:

    Happy Belated Birthday, David!! Your Concealed Yarn Permit photo doesn’t do you justice. You don’t look a year older. And we’d never get so rude or personal as to ask what’s under your kilt. HEH!
    That yarn is gorgeous!! You have enough to make a sweater for my birthday next year, too, right?

    Nice sunflowers. But that cookie jar looks kind of small…

    Hope you had a fabulous birthday!

  10. Barbara from Nova Scotia Says:

    Just checked out Briar Rose’s site. You shouldn’t provide such handy links, David.

    Damned yarn diet.

  11. Michelle Says:

    Happy Birthday!

  12. Kat Says:

    Happy Birthday!

  13. Kath Says:

    A belated Happy Born-day! I like the stitchmarkers – shiny!

    Permit or no permit – I’m not getting into any discussions on what your concealing under your kilt! I’m just not that kinda girl. 😉

  14. Jess, of the Bugs Says:

    I *am* that kind of girl. And I might just carry a blue ribbon, just in case.

  15. whichendisup Says:

    Happy Belated Bday! Hope it was lots of fun.

  16. Suzy Says:

    Happy Birthday!

  17. Jody Says:

    Happy Birthday!! NICE presents too :)

  18. Poszymom Says:

    Binary birthday counter!!! Happy 37! I thought only my family was weird enough to do this – imagine a 8 year old kid explaining to her friends why her cake only had 4 candles on it, and why only one was lit! But also imagine the excitement of a 16 year old who finally gets the 5th candle! Now, being well past my 6th, I’m not eager for 7 at all!