When did my weekends get so busy?

I had planned to have a post-birthday dinner tonight with some friends, when the reality of my schedule today reared its ugly head and I had to cancel it.

I’m still working Saturdays, so I’m typing this from work (don’t tell my boss). And my calendar helpfully alerted me a few days ago that I’m supposed to shoot my friend Coby’s wedding after work this evening, which means getting out of here a little early and heading out to Helotes, just northwest of San Antonio.

My first wedding gig – I plan to start getting nervous around 3:00.

6 Responses to “When did my weekends get so busy?”

  1. Barbara from Nova Scotia Says:

    Oooh, a wedding gig! How exciting! I’m sure you’ll do a fabulous job, with photos the happy couple will treasure forever. From my wedding, I especially liked the not-so posed photos during the getting-ready stage: the groom and ushers buttoning up their shirts and putting in cuff pins; the bridesmaids fussing with their hair in front of a mirror, or helping the bride on with the headpiece and veil… We even had one in the hall rearranging place cards.

  2. Michelle Says:

    Doesn’t sound like you have time to get nervous :)

  3. Kath Says:

    Funny I worked catering for weddings for several years and no matter how many times I did it, there was always a little pre-event flicker of nerves, but the moment things got going and I was busy it all went away and the time just flowed. You’ll be fine!

    But isn’t a bummer that you can’t be in two places at once? Gotta get those scientists working on that…

  4. Plum Texan Says:

    Ooo! Ambitious you are. And well you will do.

    (this post-event, after-the-fact levity brought to you by YodaSpeak)

    Can’t wait to see (at least a sample of) the results. :)

  5. bezzie Says:

    Here’s the thing you have to remember–those who can’t are very impressed by those who can. So even if it’s not your 100% work–they’ll be very impressed. But if their wedding is anything like those roller derby pics you post (hee hee, that would make for a kick @ss wedding wouldn’t it?) it will be your best work!

  6. Barbara from Nova Scotia Says:

    So, how did it go???